Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Four square

Thank you all for you sweet comments on my race and race report-I felt like an idiot let down by such a sweet PR, but after reassessing my goal, I feel a bit better.  After thinking about it for a few days, I realized that I WILL have more opportunities to get my “3” marathon, and now it just depends which goal I want to go after next as to how soon it is!!

Which leads me to my next conundrum.  Is 2011 the year for another ironman (Chesapeakeman) or for the sub 4?  Part of me wants to go sign up for another marathon in the spring or even fall, as I feel I am thisclose to actually obtaining my goal and want to grab it before it gets away!!  Some ideas….The Buffalo Marathon (May), The Rochester marathon (september) or the Wineglass marathon (on my birthday!!)

Of course, I would like to make it an out of state marathon, as my goal is to run one in each state….so I looked up a few in Pennsylvania and found two in May that might work.

P1040061BUT….I have big goals for my next tri (musselman half ironman in July)
and I don’t want to compromise that by being overtrained or tired…and I am really excited about doing another Ironman in September, which means the September races won’t work too well if I want to do that!  Plus, I know I will do more marathons and more Ironmans in the future, but I do know once I have kiddos, marathon training will be a heckofa lot easier to do than those 6 hour rides you need to do for ironman Smile with tongue out

With that said, I AM signed up for Musselman (July 17th) but not chesman yet.  So I have options.

Decisions, decisions.  What would YOU do?

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  1. I would say sign up for a late Spring Marathon Opp. outside of NY that interests you.... with a side of Chesapeakman in the Fall!! That may keep you from overtraining for Musselman... I repeat MAY. You are the only one that can dictate that. Remember that revelation you had that you need to let your body tell you how far to push it?? Remember how good that felt? Don't let that leave your mind and you will preserve your physical health to be there for all or your aspirations all season! Your dedication tells me that.