Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Oikos 5 miler

Hello, world!  I have taken the next step in my blogging career…well, maybe two!  I’ve FINALLY updated the “about me” section…so if you’ve randomly stumbled upon this blog and don’t know me, head on over and feel free to contact me…I love emails Open-mouthed smile

Secondly, I updated to Windows Live Writer today.  If you haven’t tried this yet and you have a blog, it rocks my face off-it makes blogging so much easier in terms of layout and seeing the content during the process!  Thanks Tina for the suggestion!

Now, onto the main story of the day.  ‘Twas an exciting Thursday around these parts…I stayed home to work with my boss, who was in from Albany for the day.  We got A LOT of work accomplished on our website and had a nice chat about the future of our program.  He left about 4ish, and so I had a post lunch snack and got ready for my tempo 5 miler.  Really wasn’t feeling it at all today…for some reason I was super cold and considered bagging the run for a spin session.  I was halfway into my bike gear when I gave myself a little pep talk and reminded my lazy tush that I am running a MARATHON in 3 weeks and need to HTFU!  (Sometimes I do talk to myself.  And my cat.  I know you do, too…no judging, people).

With the pep talk in mind, I got in my running tights, grabbed my MP3 player, and off I went!

Now, here’s the exciting part.  Did you know that Gananda was sponsoring a race today??  I didn’t!  For all those uninformed, The “Oikos 5 miler” was in town today-  oikos_16oz_plain

and guess what?  I WON THE RACE!!

Now for those uninformed, the oikos race included eating greek yogurt for a late lunch (around 2:30) then going out to run 2 hours later.  The tempo part of the run is super easy.  Since it’s cold, you need to run like a motha to get your engines started for 10 minutes, then, about mile 3, when you are AS FAR AWAY as possible, realize that (duh Rae) you can’t eat dairy before a run and YOU KNOW THIS.  The last 2 miles of the race are super painful but speedy and you run for 3 minutes all out, stop, do (oops, almost wrote “doo”) the potty dance, and then keep running.  In this type of race, the actual runners (or, in this case, runner) provides the entertainment, not the spectators.

Yeesh.  NOT the way to nail a tempo, folks.


The “Oikos” Run

Distance:  5.1 miles

Time: 41:18

Pace: 8:05

At least I won a nifty prize….a trophy of tp and a porcelain goddess.  I’ll leave it at that.

Oh well.  Crap happens.  At least I can class up your evening with high quality entertainment, no? Open-mouthed smile

Oikos run, you are not welcome back ‘round these parts next year.  Let’s keep you a one hit wonder.  Now, where’s the immodium?

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