Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mahna mahna

And sometimes, when life throws you a curveball, you just go with it. 

Thanks to my wonderful husband and co-workers, today's scheduled post is postponed until tomorrow. 
Today, we get to talk about...mahna mahna.  

Yup, that one.  Even though this video is over 40 years old, its still a goodie.  And after playing it about a dozen times during the day to get through the craziness of work, it is summarily decided that:

1.  No matter how many times you watch this, you will laugh.
2.  It WILL get stuck in your head (even if you try to mask it with "It's a Small World", "This is the song that never ends" or "They're coming to take me away" (Nice try, Ken).
3.  It' a damn good response to anything anyone throws at you in life.  For example:
  Boss man:  "Rae your report is late"
  Rae:  "Mahna manha"
  Co worker:  "You're eating oatmeal AGAIN for breakfast?"
  Rae:  "Mahna mahna!"
 (note:  If you work with clients, I would advise against this.  Same for if your boss is humorless.  Thankfully,  mine sings and swears with abandon, so it was cool.)
4.  Even if you and your spouse don't walk around singing this to each other all night like we did like crazy people, one of you will be whistling it.
5.  It's just annoying enough to mentally push you past the twelfth quarter mile repeat.  Fact.

The Workout:

Warm up: .5 mile EZ
12 x 400 @ 7:03 pace with 1' recovery
cool down
Total:  5.25 miles, 44:13 (8:25 pace)

I'd like to say that after a week recovery and rest....I'm BACK!!!!!


But the real question is....what's a mahnah mahna? :-D