Monday, February 28, 2011

The hungry monster and other fun things

Happy Monday, kids!
After a splendiferous weekend of workouts (Sunday I busted out a nice 50 mile tempo ride) I'm lazing down EZ street today.  Hopped in the pool during lunch for a wonderfully relaxing 40 minute swim, no data.  Yup, even I can lay off the lap counting once in awhile :-)  I picked 11 songs that relax me, loaded 'em up on my freestyle audio player (best invention EVER) and went.  Here were my picks (no snickers, people.  Unless its the chocolate kind :-D)

1.  Christina Perrie: "Jar of Hearts"
2.  Gary Jules: "Mad World"
3.  Coldplay: "Fix you"
4.  DMB: "Crash"
5.  Moby: "Porcelain"
6.  Air Supply: "All out of love"
7.  Primitive Radio gods: "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth"
8.  Sinead O'Connor: "Nothing Compares to You"
9.  Rogue Wave: "Eyes"
10.  Stone Sour: "Hesitate"
11.  Enigma: "Return to Innocence

Freaking.  awesome.  I feel so much better and looser now.  Just one tip...even though these songs rock my socks off (ok, ok, I'll stop.  Promise), it would be ill advised to try to sing them while swimming. I learned that one quickly.  
Moving on.....

Here's my question of the day for it just me, or does swimming bring on the HUNGRY MONSTER like there is no tomorrow?  (Actually, I know this guy is supposed to be the enemy according to WW, but I find him ridiculously cute.) I wonder if they sell hungry?  I bet they do! 
It's so strange...I can bike or run all day long and I get hungry at some point, but swimming makes me want to eat a house....which sucks, because I can't even eat the garage with the low key workout I did today :-P  I have a few "go to" yummy snacks that seem to fool my tummy into thinking its jello...or greek yogurt...or baby carrots with hummus....but I swear I eat more on swim days than any other day.  Anyone else have this problem or tricks to keep the grumblies away?  Oh well.  Maybe I'll just inhale a plate full of veggies tonight for dins.  Actually, that sounds really good to me :-)

Since it's for all intensive purposes a rest day, the "rest" of my night will be a simple dinner, some yoga, and my new book.  Steig Larrson is a great author...I just finished "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and seriously could not put it down. 

Have a wonderful night!


  1. Ha ha... Hungry Monster does look pretty cuddly! Reminds me of a stuffed "thing" my brother and I used to toss back and forth when we were kids. Could never tell what it used to be because we found it in our attic already pre-loved if you know what I mean. I'm impressed by the way! I'm almost a decade older than you and "Air Supply" on your playlist blew me away! BTW... 78 degrees here yesterday....aaaaaahhhh I know, time to shut it .. right? Sounds like you have been listening to your bod a bit more closely. Good for you Rae.

  2. ok..
    a) Enigma - HAHAHAHAH that is AWESOME
    b) I would have loaned you that book! I know I forgot when you were at my apartment (and I never would have been able to find it)