Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday...I'm in love!

Yay for Friday!!  (Singing off key to the Cure) Even though I'm feeling like complete poo, its always good to see the weekend on the horizon.  I think the combo of work stress and training stress has finally gotten to me (ok, probably more so the running in the frigid temps for 2 plus hours a pop :-P) and I think I'm getting sick....more of a tired, achy, yucky feeling and completely devoid of energy.  Not a fan folks!  We have a 20 miler on tap this weekend if and only if I feel better....this plan calls for 2, and I will be more than happy with one thanks :-) 

Today I dialed it down a notch and swam nice and easy that I completely overshot my 45 minute intended swim by 11 minutes.  Oops.  I just kept clicking off the lane counter every 200 and stopped when my music ran out....3k EZ swim in 56:07.  Now THAT was EZ.

Well, since I clearly have nothing substantive to write, I think its time for another top 10 post!

Top Ten Things I am Loving This Week!

1.  All things peanut butter.  Oh wait.  Thats every week.  (Check out the cute lil baby spoon!)

2.  Temperatures that hit above 50 degrees in February in Western New York.  *love*.  Thank you, Mary Eggers.  I am part of your fan club for life.

3.  Talking to my very favorite bride to be on the phone (although the ultimate love would be a beem me up Scotty device so I could instantly travel to North Carolina on a whim!)

4.  Consistently hitting my paces for the last 3 training runs.  So excited for this race!

5.  Speaking of races...getting really close to my goal for fundraising!  Once I mail in my recent donations I will be super close to hitting my goal!!  ...and on that note....if you would like to donate a few dollars to help me raise money for Girls on the Run....I would love you very much!!

6.  My ginormous IMLP mug.  Awesome for everything from coffee to hot cocoa to soup.  Right now its got some green tea in it.  Need those antioxidants, baby!  (Uncle Alan would be so proud!)  And yes, theres a glimpse into my 9-5 space!

7.  Getting a belated Valentine's Day gift from my Mom...of strawberries, butternut squash, grape tomatoes, cantaloupe, and peeps.  Does she know what kind of eats I love or what?  Thanks Mom!

8.  A 45 minute Valentine's massage from the hubs complete with massage oil....perfect.  (yes, it was a PG 13 massage, lol)

9.  FINALLY seeing the post Ironman 5 (or 7) pounds start to come off. Slowly, but surely.  Never again will I slack off like is SO much easier to gain the weight than lose it!!

10.  A new Dr. Teal's salts for my bath!  Seriously, this stuff is the best.  It helps my aching muscles and relaxes me, and smells up the whole house with its amazing scent!

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  1. a PG 13 massage? what's the fun in that??? :)