Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mmmmm Millet!

Happy hump day everyone!!  The week is officially more than half over...whew!

Today was just gorgeous out.  Mid 40's, perfect running weather.  And I have a swim on my schedule...what??  Dammit!!  Ahh, well.  My buddy Scott Hetsko says its gonna be 50 and only "sporadic" showers tomorrow, so, Scott, if you can hear me, I would like to phone in for no rain between 4pm and 6pm for my tempo 8 miler.  Think you can do that?  Good.  We can still be BFFs.  Or is it BMFs?  I dunno.

Anyways....swim went well, good sets of 600's and some drills thrown in for a nice 2600 yard workout (total time 50:07 with rests and drills)....random question for all my fellow you keep your watch running during your "rest" seconds between intervals?  I do...Greg doesn't.  We had a fight about it the other night because we never fight and needed a reason like to argue about stupid thing.  Just wonderin'.

After swimmy swims, I get really HANGRY....which means I get so hungry I want to eat my arm off and tend to snap at anyone that gets in my way...hungry +angry = hangry.  However, swimming does not justify mondo amounts of eats like a long run does, so we bring in VOLUMETRICS (tons of produce for maximum tummy happiness!)

Dinner part one was a can of tuna and some coleslaw mix (plan cabbage and carrots) with a hit of BBQ sauce.  Yummy, but not so pretty.   Part 2 excited me much more. 

Its time for mmmmmillet!!  What is millet?  Its a whole grain (well, actually a seed, but is used like a whole grain) that is similar to wheat, but it is more roundish and yellow.  Its a great alternative to bulgur, quinoa, or brown rice and can be used in most dishes like the aforementioned.  It's also a good source of iron and protein, and doesn't have gluten, so those with Celiac's can use it safetly.

Millet usually tastes better when it is toasted first, so I poured 1/4 cup dry (on serving) in a skillet and toasted for 5 minutes.  I then added a chopped apple, a cup of carrots, some apple pie spice (though cinnamon also would work!), and a cup of water.  Simmer gently for 25 miuntes partially covered and...

 Up close love.....

Yum.  Chewy, sweet, and filling. My tummy is quite happy and so am I.

And now, if you'll excuse me, apparently I have a credit from Valentine's Day for a free massage from my other half.  It's probably gonna work out better for me in the long run than my one sock.  Har har har.  I crack myself up.

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