Friday, February 4, 2011

Escape from Alcatraz (or how to compete in a one man race)

Confession time on my part-I really couldn't get into the speedsets and drills my tri plan called for today, so I nixed it and did a 50 minute IM pace EZ swim instead.  Yup, I'm bad.

But it's not a criminal act.

Al Capone, on the other hand (or Al, we can call him Al) didn't get the memo that speedsets were out and we weren't racing.  About a mile into my swim, this dude in a black and white striped speedo and black bandana (no, not a cap, a bandanna, you heard me right the first time) jumped into the lane next to me and decided it would be fun to "race" me.  I use this term loosely because he would speed sprint for a 50, stop, gasp for a few minutes, wait until I showed up again, and then race me again.  Which got me to it really a race if only one person participates?  hmmm.....(discuss)

Regardless, with the prison issue speedo and the frantic splashing of the short speedy race I didn't even know was going on, this dude reminded me of a frantic Al Capone escaping from Alcatraz.  I don't blame him.  Who would want to be stranded on that island?  Not me. 

Anyways....after about 10 laps of this cat and mouse game, I broke away from Al and finished my swim in peace.  2650 in 49:26 for a leisurely swim works for me!

As I toweled off, I realized that I might have been a little rough on poor Al.  Maybe he got scared.  It could have been my ink....
Yup, that's an M dot.  I strategically positioned myself in the pool so that this bandanna  lovin fool could see my right leg and tremble every other 25 yard stint (well, every 3rd one, he sat out the alternate laps) could be that he was so impressed that I am an ironman that he knew it was futile to race me.  Nah, I'm full of it.

I bet it was the suit.

You can't mess with wonderwoman.

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