Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reunited at last!

..and it feels so gooooood!  Yup.  After 9 days of wandering around in lost solitude...
Mr. left has finally found his other half!!

Silly smoochers ----->

ok, ok, its probably not a world class announcement, but it made me happy on a Tuesday!  Now, if only I could actually run in them.....baby steps, right? :-P  They still look cool for recovery!!

On the knee front, I've been icing every two hours, poppin some ibuprofin, and did my "tempo run" on the elliptical.  Not a bad workout if you get your heart rate up, but its no run.  Isss ok.  I'll be patient for this week and my resort to the run injury protocol if I don't feel better in a few days :-)

Of course, according to various sources, I have a meniscus tear (hubby), chondromalacia (web md), or need a pregnancy test and cough syrup (SUNY Geneseo)  wait, what?  I kid, I kid.  My feeling is that I have a wicked tight IT band and have been running too much.  So says I....ice, foam roll, and cross train!!  Aye, Aye, coach Rae!

So after work, we ripped up our abs:

Cindy Whitmarsh is a serious butt ab kicker. 

Time to work on that 6 pack, baby.  (Or at least rock out the lulu shorts!)

One day at a time.  At least I've got 2 socks.  I'm not that hard to please. 

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