Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I drank the koolaid.

Yay for being over the hump of the week!!  I would like to celebrate Wednesday with my top 3 of the day:

1.  I went to the dentist.  No cavities-go me!!  However, I think I freaked out the dental hygenist, who worked diligently on my teeth while giving me funny glances every few seconds.  Halfway through the cleaning, she starts laughing and says, "I'm sorry, but your tongue is orange-and its driving me nuts!"  Oh No! she hands me a mirror, and indeedy, I have an orange streak down my tongue.  I had eaten lunch-a turkey sammie, greek yogurt and an apple...but no orange.  Hmmm.  Oh No!!  I mean....

.....backing up awkwardly.....

2.  Koolaid man musta given me POWER, though!  I had a sprint interval bike ride today, or, as my plan calls the, "Turbo Sprints".  Basically, you warm up for easy 15 minutes, then climb a ladder of 1' full sprint, 2' recover, 2' sprint, 2' recover, 3' sprint, 2' recover, 4' sprint' 2' recover, 5' sprint, 2' recover....then all the way back down.  I kicked my own butt, but I felt pretty bad ass fast doing it....I think I'm gonna rename these babies "Turbeau Sprints", cause they make you go fast, and when I grow up I want to be fast like Matt...or at least have a bike that's as cool as his.  He probably drinks better koolaid, though.

3.  After a full day of work, dentist and Turbeau sprints, I think its time to mellow out-maybe heat up a little koolaid micro cocoa (as my hubs calls it) and settle in for a hot date.

What, you thought I had a life?  Nah.....mad Mister Peanut (check out the circa '70s mug, isn't it fun?), current addictive book, Harry Potter throw and a nice fake fire are where its at tonight. 


  1. LOVE the Harry potter throw! SO JEALOUS!

  2. Ha! You got grandmas crazy scary mugs! Love it!