Monday, February 7, 2011

Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all

Sorry I'm a bit late with the football post.
I was too excited to write it.
Ok, I lied.  I can't really stand football.
Except for this studliness:
Sorry, ladies, he's mine.  All mine.
Ok, ok, back to the super bowl of chili I had yesterday.

Actually, I did:

But I meant to talk about the game.  I just don't want to get sued by saying something copyrighted here, people...I'm only a social worker and don't have the big bucks to back up infringment.  Kinda....

Ok, enough mish-mosh.  Last night the hubs and I journeyed from 'West Syracuse' to the big city Henrietta to join in on the MRP "big game" party.  MRP as in Middle Rd Posse, a group of great guys my hubs grew up with. Rob, our host, did an excellent job with his new squeeze, Elizabeth, in keeping us in good eats pre-game:
Amazing Bruscetta
BBQ Shrimp skewers by Matt (yes, even I ate one!)

And of course, Binary Brewery kept the beer flowing.....

Thats Matt Dawg, Greg's best man, and my father in law.  They're classy-don't judge.

Aside from the good eats and drinks, don't ask me too much about the game, except that I really enjoyed the "edited" version of the national anthem, the Doritos commercials, and the Volkswagon commercial

Oh yeah, and did I mention we won $$$?  Woo hoo!  I think it could be the fact that I have no clue about football (sorry hubs), or point spreads, or "squares", but figured why not and put up 5 bucks to play.  And Greg and I won the final score prize-25 bucks!

This is major, people.  What can you do with 25 bucks?  Dinner for 2?  A new pair of compression socks  left compression sock?

Or maybe I'll just put the money in a high yield account for when I get caught saying Super Bowl.

Oh damn.  I said it.

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  1. dude.. $25.. that's like half a night at the Alpine Air Hotel. or 1/23rd the cost of an Ironman entry fee. YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!!