Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Antsy in my Pantsy

Wednesday is Turbo Turbeau time!  Just cause I'm taking a rest week from hard core running doesn't mean you can keep a good triathlete down!  It's amazing how much better my "turbeau's" are with my RPMs working.....definitely had a great work out :-)

The Workout: Turbo "Turbeau" sprints: warm up 15 min, up the ladder with "all outs" 1 min-4 mins, then back down w/2 min recovery, 15 min cool down.
Time:  1:04:12
Average Pace: 20.8 mph

Sweet.  After rockin it out, I did some yoga, iced, and watched forlornly as my hubby went out for a run.  Ok, time to snap out of it.  No need to get all antsy in my pantsy...
....but pancakes do sound good :-)  Time for another "healthy" makeover!

Protein Pancakes

1/2 c. oat bran
One egg
1/2 cup cottage cheese
sprinkle of baking powder
tsp of vanilla
whackload of cinnamon

Assemble your ingredients:

 Add in this order:

Oat bran
Cottage cheese (I whip mine in a blender first)
Baking powder
I added a dash of milk, too!

Now comes the hard part.  Walk AWAY for 5 minutes.  You see from above I came prepared and had a lovely glass of red with which to enjoy the wait.  The 5 minutes allows the baking powder and other ingredients to gel so you get nice fluffy 'cakes.

You can pour these in a pan like normal pancakes, but since I had the oven on, I put them on a cookie sheet.  Don't use your good wilton cookie sheets if your mom reads your blog unless you plan to clean them right away (I did mom, honest.)

 Bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.  Serve as is, with a little syrup or fruit on top, alongside some mmmm turkey bacon!
In my humble opinion, these babies taste just like cheese danish and are pretty excellent for you!  I dipped them in a touch of syrup, and had a side of melon to round out the meal.

Not quite as exciting as these shenanigans....

but we take what we can.
Wait, did someone say shenanigans? 

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