Monday, February 21, 2011

The calm before the storm.

Oh happy rest day :-)  I KNOW I made the right decision now regarding my run yesterday.  I've been achy, sore and my knee seems to be acting up today...a sure sign I need a bit of a break.  Or, well, as much as I am willing to take :-)  It means low key activities for a few days now....swimming, biking, core, and yoga.  I think I will push off either my speed work or tempo this week and just do two runs....then give it 3 quality weeks before tapering!
I'd rather put the rest  in now than feel like I am battling this:
  Yup, thats the Sodus tri 2005 first race.  I had no clue what the hell I was doing, but I finished.  You can talk to any of the locals around here; its the ice storm of '91 for triathletes and I was part of it :-P

Oh wait, I digress.  Sorry, just wanted to put the cool picture up.  Anyways, the point is...I want to prepare my body to handle ANYTHING on race day...not kill it beforehand.

So that means a Rae planned running recovery week.  Let's see how well I do!!

On deck today:

1.  swimming (done)
2.  Grocery shopping (done-with a suprise visit from the hubby halfway through!)
3.  Healthy dinner of veggie stuffed omelet and soup (done)
4.  Soaking in some Dr. teals....mmmm....
5.  Icing
6.  Hot cocoa
7.  and a trashy novel

Who said Mondays were all bad???

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