Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Press Your Luck

Today, during my run, I thought about my buddy Peter Tomarken back from the good ole '80s.  Now, some things were a big mistake from that decade to be certain....excessive blue eyeshadow, t-shirt ties, bunch socks, and thong leotards on women that really had no business wearing them....but I don't care who you are, 80's TV was where it was at.

Charles in Charge, anyone?  How about the Wonder Years?  I remember many a happy night staying at Grandma's, cup of warm milk in hand (heated on the stove, NOT that newfangled microwave thing), drifting to sleep on the couch and listening to the trials of Kevin and Winnie.  Shows today can't compete with that. (Especially spin off's like "Whammy".  Don't get me started....)

But I will admit freely, even on the internet, that my heart had a special place for Peter Tomarken and his whammies.  For a kid who's mom was flat out obsessed with game shows (love you, Mom!) I got to see 'em all, but this one was the coolest.  Where else would little animated guys come away to take your money and make you laugh? (Well, they made me laugh.  I doubt the contestants were as impressed.)

Plus, he was hot.  It's too bad he isn't around anymore....(as I just realized writing this post-how sad.)  Now I feel bad admitting that my good pal Pete wasn't on my mind in a fond way as I ran.  Oops.
  So, ok, the run.  It was just not in the cards today, folks.  I tried.  I spun the wheel for speed....fail.  Whammy #1.  I decided it was way to f*in cold to run outdoors, so I rain on the 'mill of death.  For some reason, I can't run straight on the hamster wheel for moe than 20 minutes to save my soul, so we did the 5 mile tempo run as a 20 minutes, 1 minute walk break, 20 minute run.  Too bad I forgot to compenasate for that on my run speed.  Oops.

Fail #2:  My new Asics.  These shoes used to be the love of my life (after Peter Tomarken of course...how else was I supposed to survive after 2006?) but I've abandoned them for my brooks ghosts lately.  I don't know if they were just new shoes or not my thing anymore, but my feet were KILLING me during the run.  Whammy #2. Boo.

The third strike....my Ipod crapped out on me halfway through the run.  Now, if I was outside, I might be able to deal.  But I ended up listening to crappy music on the PA and hearing the grunter next to me (Maybe he saw my whammies running across the treadmill and it scared the snot out of him...who knows.)  Whammy #3.

Now, why not 3 strikes and you're out?  Well, in Press your Luck, you get 4 whammies before you're out of the game, so I still feel there is promise to today even after this workout.  It's just how I roll.

Tempo Run:  5 miles @ 41:44, 8:21 mile pace.

Take that, ya sucker. 

Off to snuggle in on this freezing evening with some hot chocolate and the hockey game my new book (thanks Rosie!)


  1. when you run on the treadmill do you run at a 1% incline at least, do you change it around? Just curious.

  2. 1%, I heard thats how you simulate flat, and I like to do my tempo runs flat when I can. of course, its strange....I can run faster off the treadmill any day, even in hilly terrain where I live my tempos are faster outdoors. I think I get bored, thats why I stop. How about you?