Sunday, February 13, 2011

Calling Security

Good evening, friends!  Today, I would like to share with you another secret of the long run. 

I woke up this morning with the kiss of death-sore throat, cough, upset tummy (mmmm....panda paws :-P) and in general, feeling like complete poo.  The hubs and I debated our long runs for a few hours, and, after 'running' out of excuses (har har) I set off for my 15 miler.

I decided to do my 5 mile loop course, moreso for the fact that I felt I might wuss out and cut it short.  The weather was 99% perfect, especially for winter...40 degrees, overcast, and a southwest wind (so it only sucked 25% of the time :-P)  I finished my first loop feeling pretty good = 41:37.  Holy crap, Rae, slow it down!!  The second loop was uneventful, I got into my groove and enjoyed the run, except for my windy straights that threatened to send me backwards!!  However, the real magic came in on loop 3. 
About a mile in, I spotted this dude wearing shades, all back,
and a security jecket come down his driveway. 
The guy jogged for about 2 minutes, then looked around and started
walking, turning right at the corner (I was going left). 

 I saw him jog off again, stop after 30 seconds, and slouch into a walk again, trying to look like a cool guy.  I giggled a bit, thanked him silently for taking my mind off the run, and continued on the loop...until about mile 3, when I saw him duck out of a side street and back on the road again.  He looked back at me (I was about a third of a mile back) and took off again.   OK, I totally couldn't figure this guy out.  Was he out for a run?  Was he on a co-op mission?  Was he a fugitive in security disguise?  Who knows.  I entertained myself for about a half mile to this start stop gaze around crap, and then I passed him with about a mile to go.  incidentally, the last mile of my loop is mostly uphill.  Security dude did not like this one bit.  I heard him grunt as I passed him....was he being friendly?  Was he pissed that a girl passed him?  I didn't pause to find out.  I heard him start up again and took off outta there.  As I turned the corner up my street, I heard a sputter and a walk. Sorry, Mister Security dude, you were a bit creepy.  I ran to my loop end and hit my watch.....holy s$%t, 2:13:xx?  Thats 4 minutes off my last 15 miler!!  Awesome!

The Workout
15.03 miles
Time: 2:13:21
Pace: 8:52

Even though it was clearly too fast for my long run pace, it makes me feel pretty good 6 weeks out from my marathon to hopefully hit my goal pace.  The secret?  Someone scary that wants to race you in the last 5 miles :-P

Now its time for my valentine's day chocolate (mmmm) and Animation domination.

At least I know what to do now in March when I feel like crap for miles 20-26.2. 

I'm calling security.

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  1. I'm thinkin' he was 5-0.... lol. Rae you are a true entertainer as well as informer! Thanks for the smile. Also thanks in part to you and your blog I've started my training for my half-marathon end of March. Weather is already Springlike for me. Glad you got a bit of relief.