Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today, I would like to talk about snow.  Why?  Because everyone else in upstate New York is!  Apparently we're supposed to get the storm of the century tonight, which means a few things....
1.  Everyone driving in to work today had to test out their 'holy crap' responses and go about 6 mph.  I wish I had snow shoes...I would have gotten to work faster.
2.  This leads me to believe that 99% of drivers in Rochester have never seen a snowstorm and face it with a fear that is equal to the abominable snowman.
3.  Half of the schools, businesses and activities are ALREADY cancelled for tomorrow.  A bit dramatic?  Perhaps.  Am I bitter I'm not one of them yet?  You betcha.

4.  Wegmans is the new hoppin' spot of the century to stock up on bottled water, batteries, and milk.  This is particularly interesting to me, because if it blizzards, we might lose power, so the milk is either going to spoil or freeze in the snow.  You can melt snow to make water.  And you can't do that using batteries...you would be better served stocking up on matches so you can burn your dining room table for heat and entertainment,  because god knows we're all gonna die without our iphones and netbooks.  They better get the power back on before Thursday or the world might end.  Seriously.  :-P  All I have to say is I'm gonna go camp out with my friend Rosie if we do lose power...she went to Wegmans today and bought beer, cheese and chocolate.  now THAT makes sense. 
I wonder if she can sense gold during a snowstorm as well? 
Cause that would be super sweet.....

5.  Leading the the inevitable...we most likely won't even get snow.  Ahhh, I laugh.

Actually, the most sensible suggestion today came from Mary, who advised that if one thing gets done today, it should be your swim...because you can bike, strength train and (maybe) run at home.  Now that sounds good to me!  After the morning from you know where, I headed to the gym to complete my cooper test, a 12 minute gauge taken in the beginning, middle and end of the season to test gains.  Basically, you go all out for 12 minutes to see how far you can go.  I love it for the run, hate it for the swim.  Why?  Well, my speedster swimmin hubs can do 975 yds in 12 minutes...and I consider 700 freakin' amazing.  I guess bumbles really can't swim :-(

The workout:
w/u 200, 6x50 drills
12 minute Cooper Test: 700 (in 12:10....full disclosure :-))
800 EZ
Total: 2200 yds, time 42:32

That's actually not too bad for me, so I'll take it especially for a baseline :-)  We rounded out the day with some abs on the ball, which was a good thing for me, because bumbles bounce!  (yeah, yeah...I know)

Swim done, check.  Got through work alive, check.  Dinner was made (major love for the crock pot tonight!) and I'm in my jammies.  No good TV on tonight, so I am sure Greg will find something silly on to entertain himself while I snuggle up on the couch with him and my latest book
Just call us Hermey and Rudolph :-D
Lets be in-depen-dent TOGETHER!

Yeah, I know this post was abominable.  But with the spirit of the weather and an un-ending love for Christmas, I just couldn't resist!

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