Monday, February 14, 2011

It just feels "right"

Happy Hallmark Valentine's Day!

The hubs and I don't normally get too much into today, but we decided this year to do something small.  Since it seems the plague of sickness hit our house yesterday when we planned to celebrate, and continued into today....we made do with what we had :-)  I got him some cologne and some sponge candy and he reciprocated with...

a sock.  No, I'm not kidding.  Now, the idea of compression socks might not sound sexy to most, but I really wanted these babies for my upcoming marathon.   At least they're pink, right?
Well, the good people at (insert company name here) must have read my super bowl big game post and really thought I only needed one.  So they sent him a right sock (yes they are "foot-atomically correct".)  So we wrote them to tell them of their mistake, and hopefully I'll get the other sock soon.  Maybe it was a valentine's day planned error?  Something that belongs in one of those cheesy cards like....
"You're the right one for me, baby" or
"I'm so glad we got off on the right foot".

Hmmm.  Maybe I'll just run the race on one foot and call it a day :-)  In all seriousness, though, it was the thought that counts, and I'm a big fan!

Enough with the cheese.

Wait.  There can never be enough cheese.  Oh, you bet I made that. 

Mmmm.....dinner.  And we can't forget the original hot tub wine.

Now, if only I had a hot tub.

Oh well.  There's always next year.

Just kidding.  I don't need a hot tub.

Right now, I'd settle for a left sock :-)

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  1. HA Ha..... At least you weren't totally "Left" out!! Them's some fine lookin' eats!