Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Confessions of a Triathlete, part I.

1.  Sometimes, I take three showers a in the morning, one post lunch workout, and one post after work workout.  I suppose there are worse things.
2.  I really actually like the smell of chlorine.  But not formeldahyde bromine.
3.  I never schedule work meetings after a lunchtime swim (see confession 2)
4.  I have a serious loathing for the silver man.  Really.  He sucks.
#300 in keuka.  Moo!
5.  Secretly, I love drawing on myself.  Sometimes after a good race, Ill redraw my markings on to make them visible still on monday at work.
6.  Sometimes I extend my workouts just to have a bigger "workout window" or to reach a certain mileage....if the workout is an hour easy run and I make it 7.2 miles, Ill extend it to 7.5 just cause it sounds better.
7.  I use Boudreaux butt paste more regularly than a 2 year old.
8.  I really can't function without my watch.  When I take it off, my husband gets scared.  Seriously.  He asked me if I was feeling ok when I took it off before dinner one night.
9.  I hate rest days.  What does one do with them?
10.  I really think men in spandex are hot.  But Raelart, you need to pull up your pants, honey.

Workout:  Bike speedwork
10' warm up
5' L5 (+100 rpms), 5' L2 (x4)
10' cooldown + (54 second nubbin!)
Distance: 20 miles

That is all.

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  1. NO WAY! He needs to TAKE THEM OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!