Saturday, November 2, 2013

Turtle Power

I apologize for my blogging lame-ness.  From every day to every other day to...once a week?  Yikes.  One would think I have a life (they'd be wrong, unless you count 4 month old bundles of cute-ness)....but it's just been madness around here.

30 second catch up week cycle - cold, sniffles, sleeplessness, work deadline, sleeplessness, candy, cute trick or treater, sick - sposion from the cat, sniffles, coughs, running, brunch. 

There we go.  And now, I want to thank you all for your comments, FB suggestions and emails...I have some more "playing for less" posts to write!  You expressed interest in:

1.  Grocery Shopping/ HBA shopping
2.  Vacation Tips
3.   Holiday Shopping
4.  Staying in Shape

I'm on it, friends.  I will try to do a post a week...keep the ideas coming!

As for today, I'm pretty tapped out.  I have a recipe for pumpkin loaf coming (tested at a family brunch today and approved), a race calendar update, and tons of Rob cuteness (who turns 4 months this week!) but that will have to wait.  Oh, who am I kidding...I always have room for Rob cute-ness.  Check out our Halloween!!
Carving our turtle pumpkin!
Tiger- costume #1!
Ninja Turtle Family!
First Trick or Treat house!
Cousin Sue....our first house!
The loot!  (He must be cute :-))

How was your Halloween?  Eat a ton of candy?  The peanut butter cups got me, as they always do, but hey...once a year ain't bad :-)

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  1. OMG, his costume had a cape!! babies should totally wear capes more often. Also, I have some acquaintances who dressed their baby as a wizard. I request that you put a wizard hat on Rob. and also maybe a fake beard.