Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 6: (God) Parents know best.

It's funny how much we, as a culture, rely on "things", isn't it?   What we need to buy.  What we want for christmas.  What new toy our kids need.  Stuff, stuff, stuff.  I'll admit I can fall into this trap, too...but it's certainly not important.  Strikes me even moreso now as I am in this month of gratitude...all the people I am grateful for.  Not so much the stuff.
Today, I'm thinking about parents again.  But not the bio ones.  We love those guys to death, of  course, but I'm thinking about a different kind of parent.  A god parent.

My godmother, Margy
I'm lucky enough to have some pretty awesome godparents.  I already talked about my uncle, but who am I kidding- he's getting anothe mention.  He's always been there for me, without the "parent" stuff that befalls every teenager and their actual parents.  he's my buddy.  And he's without a doubt, my role model.   My godmother is a pretty neat lady - she's my mom's cousin, and really has some wacky ideas and ways about looking at the world.  She taught me about culture, cookies, and royalty and it's because of her that I found and fell in love with the name Robert.  Now that I have a kiddo, she adores him to bits, and takes the time to send him packages and to come visit with yummy food and always food for thought, too. 
Greg's godfather I don't know that well, bu his godmom rocks.  She was his mom's best friend, and I am lucky enough to have met and have her in my life, too.  She has a great sense of humor, makes the best blueberry pancakes, and always takes the time to see how our little family is doing....and is our post race pit stop after all the Mendon races.  Her husband makes me laugh my you know what off too....great people.
Greg;s godmom, debbie (photo courtesy of Lois Glaser!)
And now, even though we haven't officially baptised the little guy yet, we have his godparents.  The ones he can go to when we piss him off.  The ones that show him how to be a good person, and the ones that just in case....are there for him.  Greg's cousin Lisa is Rob's god mom, and I thank my stars every day that I was lucky enough to meet her and become friends with her.  She's funny, practical, sarcastic, hard working, and a genuine good person.  If sh lived closer, she would be perfect (damn you, Kansas).  Rob's god dad is my cousin, Noah.  He is one of the most adventurous people I know (he just hiked the PCT!), is intelligent, very laid back, and has always had a great sense of right and wrong. 
I have no doubt Rob is one of the luckiest kids ever to have such awesome are Greg and I that they wanted the job!
So many things to be thankful for!

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