Friday, January 27, 2012

Excuse me, Miss!

Hey hey hey!  Excuse me!  Excuse me?!? Let's talk about something.  I've got a little chip on my shoulder I need to get off, so pull up a seat.  Please :-)  (Then, rest assured, we can resume our Friday dance.  I'm not pissed.  Just mildly annoyed).

So, here I am, on my way back from the gym today, minding my merry own business (10x400 repeats at a ridiculous fast pace for me, thankyouverymuch).  I'm sweaty.  I'm happy.  I'm also in a hurry, as I am cutting it close for my New York State mandated one hour lunch break (yeah, I can get in a 40 minute run during lunch.  Super grateful for this!)
As I round the corner to dodge into the Sibley building, I pass by a group of hangers on who like to hold court by the bus station.  No biggie.  Except for, about once a week (and apparently this was the day), I get either cat calls, random comments thrown my way, or, my favorite (note sarcasm),  "Excuse me.  Miss!  MISS!  Ex-CUSE me!  Do you have a phone (or insert dollar, money, etc., but today it was phone)?  MISS? MISS!  HEY!"
Right.  Like I'll reply to that.  First of all, I have no issue with being friendly.  I've said hi before, exchanged a comment about weather, or a smile. I going to lend my phone to you?  No.  (I don't even carry the thing 90% of the time).  Am I going to respond to you with your condescending attitude?  No.  And, lastly, though, okay, this is my personal pet not call me Miss. 
I suppose this doesn't bother everyone, but when I get called "Miss" I conjure up images of being a teenager, when everyone assumes you have a bad attitude and it shows in the voice they use.  Ugh.
Then again, to play devil's advocate....what should be used?  Ma'am?  No thank you.  I'm not old enough for that.  The other day, the hubster and I were drafting testimony (don't ask), and he referred to me as Mrs. Glaser.  Wow.  Weird.  Not ready for that.  We started laughing (because really, we are about 10 years old), then switched it to Ms.  But you can't yell that out at a bus stop.
So....let's just go with "Excuse me".  Once, maybe twice.  After that, give it up.  You're just being annoying.
Phew.  Glad I got that little, useless, silly rant off my chest.
Anyone else have problems being called "Miss?"  Is there an age limit on it, or should I just get over myself? :-D

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  1. Miss isn't so bad, at least it's not "Hey, Lady!" Ma'am isnt so bad either, as long a you're south of the Mason-Dixon line. Now that I am older people usually do not say Miss or Mrs or Ma'am, its usually just a polite "excuse me". Anyway, thats not why I am replying here, I am mostly just tickled by the kitty in the top right, lol, he (she) gave me a good giggle.