Saturday, January 28, 2012

You so UGLI!

Don't run away, I didn't mean you!  I'm just pretty lame-saucers with titles, and have the sense of humor of a 5 year old, so you get what you get :-)
In my quest to "taste the rainbow" and eat more produce, I came across a cool lookin' fruit this week (okay, I lied, it's fug.  Thus, the name).  an Ugli fruit!  They were on sale for a dollar, and anything that gets blog fodder is healthy for a buck works for me!
So, what is an "Ugli fruit?"Basically, it's a hybrid between a grapefruit and a tangerine-a lovechild that, interestingly enough, is bigger than both it's parents, and much much less attractive!  According to wikipedia,.... The light green surface blemishes turn orange when the fruit is at its peak ripeness. A tangelo fruit is usually slightly larger than a grapefruit (but this varies) and has fewer seeds. The flesh is very juicy and tends towards the sweet side of the tangerine rather than the bitter side of its grapefruit lineage, with a fragrant skin. The taste is often described as more sour than an orange and less bitter than a tangerine, however, and is more commonly guessed to be a lemon-tangerine hybrid. The fruit is seasonal from December to April. It is distributed in the United States and Europe between November and April,and is on occasion available from July to September.
Cool.  As my "lunch dessert", I gave it a whirl.  Prep?  Just peel.  I like to try things in their natural form (that's what she said?). 
This guy's got thick skin....perfect for my household :-D
Peeled and divided...half for me, half for the hubster.
The verdict?  According to my eloquent other half...."it tastes like citrus".  Hmmm.  There ya go :-)  (Better than the sand at Sodus though, which is what I got once when I served him fish.  I wonder if he secretly eats sand?.... lol)
My take?  It was pretty good!  Not at all bitter like a grapefruit, super juicy, and somewhat like a mild tasting orange.  I think it might need some jazzing up on it's time I might broil it with some cinnamon and a drizzle of honey.  Now THAT'S a dessert!
Have you ever had an Ugli fruit?  
         Or do you shy away from unattractive food?
             How bout the sand at your local beach?  
(Just kidding, hubster.)

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