Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am a weenie.

Well now, the week's just flying by, isn't it?  (clearly, I'm trying for optimism.  Let's see how far it gets me!)
So, after two days of treadmill running (test set and speed work, both done without socks because I'm an idiot hardcore), I decided something different was in order today.  My computer did a nose dive at 11:40, which I took as a sign to grab my gym bag and head off to the noon class (rarely get to do that).  My choices:  Spinning or Total Body Blitz (an hour long weight training class).  I've done spinning a few times and it works well for bike training (no kidding) but I haven't lifted yet this week and tend to shy away from weight classes so....carpe diem.
I shoulda known I was in trouble.  I figured, I lift free weights and do core a few times a week and am a big bad ultra special endurance athlete (snickers)....I can handle a 60 minute class, right?
BAH!  Was  I sadly mistaken.  I assembled my goods (watching the vets):  a stability ball, 10 pound dumbbells, a 15 pound kettle bell, 30 pound barbell, busy ball and resistance band (I was promptly handed the "toughest" band by the instructor.  Love her to bits :-P).  And then....the fun began.  We started out by doing 15 minutes of abs on the ball-yowtch.  My legs were shaking by the end-trying to hold the ball between your feet while working your abs is no joke.
Next transition:  squats (about 300, i swear) and alternating band work with biceps.  I could barely do one set of curls with this mother-honkin band.
Third stage:  bridges with the ball (about 300), mixed with reps of pushups. 
And if we were bored (HA!), next up- alternating lunges on the bosu with kettle bell lifts alternating with-yeah, you got it, running on the damn bosu!  Seriously??
I missed a few sets, but that was the best of 'em.  Know how the day after a good weight set your arms feel like jello?  Well, mine already feel like last night's dessert.  Wowza.
I am a weenie.
The takeaway-I am cardio strong, strength week.
The Prescription-Thursdays = Total Body Blitz.  Give me a month.  I will dominate. 
I think it's such fun to find different workouts, especially in the off season!  Shakes it up, keeps you from getting bored, and works new muscles. 
Are you local?  Check out the Downtown Fitness Club for this no joke workout.  They have drop in rates!
Not local?  Does your gym do a body blitz class?  It's sorta like Turbo Pump, but with cardio bursts in between-a real bonus to your workout schedule!!

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