Thursday, January 26, 2012

A big ole WOD

Crossfit.  Crossfit.  Crossfit.  I feel like it's all I hear about lately.  It seems that America loves a phase....first it was marathons, then triathlons, now it's all about crossfit.
In case you've been living under a rock, crossfit is a type of workout that relies on strength and conditioning principals, and is used  for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and elite and professional athletes worldwide.  It uses a set schedule of days on/days off, and for each day, posts a "WOD" or "workout of the day" to follow (usually they take about 20-40 minutes total, so it's a great time saver).  However, what the workouts lack in "time" (as opposed to a 2 hour trainer ride) they make up for in intensity!  I, personally ,adore High Intensity Interval training (HIIT).  Lotta bang for your time investment buck! can "crossfit" at a gym or center, or you can "crossfit" at home by going to the crossfit site and doing the WOD.
Now, my wallet can't really afford a center (usually about $60 or more a month), but I'm all about trying some different types of cross training on my own!  Reviewing the site and other crossfit sites, I've created a few WODs of my own (please, please, know....I'm not an expert.  Just a fitness junkie who likes to try random things!)
WOD #1 - The test set
Warm up 10 minutes easy jog
Repeat for time: (x7)
10 crunches
10 push ups
10 squats
3 flights stairs
TOTAL time: xx:xx
Cool down, 10 minute walk

Attempt #1 main workout took 12:31.  I tried it again tonight, shaving off :45.  Sweet!  Today's WOD on is all about speed work, which is on my docket for tomorrow, so I skipped it in favor of my own made up (and really, quite tame) workout.  But after doing 70 pushups and 70 squats, I felt that!  (I added in 20 pounds with squats for resistance, but you can go it it alone).

And since, according to Pinterest (oh, so obsessed now, thanks alot sis! really, thank you-this site rocks!) you can't out exercise a bad diet, I followed up my WOD with some healthy, easy, quick yum yums....
Stir fried tofu and veggies with terriyaki, pineapple and ginger.  Yum-o.  Now I'm hittin' some trash TV and (ok fine) the piece of dark chocolate I have in the pantry.  Antioxidants, yo.
Have a pleasant night!

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