Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bring on the cheese(cake)!

Putting off the week end report till tomorrow...we have bigger and better things to talk about today.  Namely, my favorite Octogenarian, Grandma Glaser!  Yep, today the hubster and I, along with the Glaser clan, gathered to wish our favorite Grandma a happy 8....eighty something :-)
There was the birthday girl....

And a yummy dinner (I mixed the roast into a salad beast!)

And cake!  Mmmmm homemade cheesecake.

And singing (poor Grandma)

And presents!

And normal Glaser shenanigans....
Fun Sunday :-)  To eighty "something" more birthdays..complete with family, jokes, "roasting" and fun!
Happy Birthday Grandma Glaser!

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  1. it was a great salad and an extra great birthday!!!-Amy