Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tux and Pucks!

Well, the hubster and I are off to close out 2011 in a stylish way....a battle of the sexes combo of hockey (manly) along with dressing up (the wifely concession, Ill call it).  Tux and pucks, here we come!
My dress.....(apparently, you CAN wear bridesmaid's gowns twice)
 Hubster's striped....and yes, with a blue vest and yellow tie!
The tix.....(thanks to my Buffalo Santa Elf!)
Last 8 mile run in the books, now it's time to get snazzy...out to dinner, then to the game!  What are your plans for the evening? Have a wonderful New Year's Eve....let's send out 2011 with a bang and move on to the best year yet....2012!

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