Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas at the Club

Last night the hubster and I attended his annual office Christmas party at Irondequoit Country Club, which, depending on who you ask, is in Fairport, Pittsford or Brighton....nowhere near Irondequoit.  Hmm.  Wonder if they did that to spark conversation during cocktails?  Anyways...the hubster works for a company that produces menu covers (PF Chang's, Air Force One, the menu covers from the Sex and The City movie), and the owners are nice enough to throw a swanky Christmas party complete with open bar, a wonderful buffet, desserts galore, and dancing.  Sweet.  While I don't have pictures of the yummy eats (Chicken piccata, awesome salad bar, prime rib, roasted veggies, shrimp/scallop roualde....and an AMAZING cheesecake bar) I did snap a few of the good company!

Greg's Best man's wife Cynde, and I toasting to the season (yeah, I had wine.  I know.   I'm a crazy pants)
The hubster and I, all spiffed up!

Matt and Cynde....proud parents of their second child just a few months ago!

Toasting to the success of 2011
Last night = not a night for clean eating. I enjoyed the wine, the ample buffet, and sampled plenty of desserts with the hubster and Cynde.  Back on the wagon today, starting off with pumpkin oats, a speed sesh on the 'mill, and strength training.

Oh, in case you were wondering.  We named the 'mill.  His name is Baahhhhrnaby.  As in:
 Hup, Hup!  Heeeyyyy bout some squat thrusts?
That was the hubster's idea.
I was totally on board.
We're not right in teh head.
But then again, you knew that.
Happy Saturday!

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  1. Hey Rae, Looks like a fun night! Good Wine, Good Food and friends! Who cares who threw the party right?

    Barnaby.... I love it! Maybe if I name mine I won't be so afraid to get back on it!!??? Have fun heading to the big 100 mile mark!

    See you Monday!