Saturday, December 3, 2011

Keep Dreaming

11 miles on our new toy so far....not bad for 36 hours of having it up :-P  I've been able to facebook (like a retarded cow), read blogs, and watch a movie all while walking....sweet.  And I'm not the most coordinated person, either!
So, on to today's post....yesterday, I talked about having the why, and the what of my December goals.  Now, let's talk about the HOW.  Being healthy doesn't come naturally to me (believe it.)  I have to work at it.  If I could feel great eating snickers bars all day long, I would  (well, okay, that would get boring...but you catch my drift.)  Moving comes easier to me than healthy eats.  So, like many experts suggest, I keep a journal to keep track of my intake and movement when I feel the scale slide and my jeans get snug.  I don't necessarily keep a calorie count, but if I have to write it down, that second brownie looks a little less tempting.  However, I don't believe in the power of a stark composition book.  In order to keep my eye on the prize, I combine journaling with dream boarding. 
What's a dream board?  Well, I'm not silly enough to pretend I invented one...but there are many variations.  The basic idea is to combine motivating words and pictures to have a visual of what you want in life.  Mine have always been pretty specific in terms of weight loss, Ironman, life goals (marriage, kids, house, etc.) depending on what I see in my life in the next year or two.  That way I can base my choices off of what I want in my "best life" rather than what is gratifying in the next 15 minutes :-).
The concept is simple.  Grab a bunch of magazines and cut out pictures that look interesting.  Get a blank notebook, scissors, and stick glue and create your own modge podge.  No right way, wrong way, whatever inspires you is awesome.  (Even if it's sideways).  I like a mix of words and pictures to keep me going....To see the toned Mirinda Carfrae...a trail runner...a jogging stroller...fruit....and inspiring words and phrases so that everytime I log a bite of workout, I can remember why I am doing what I am doing....striving to be my best!
What inspires you to be healthy?  Have you ever used pictures to set a goal?  A dream board?

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  1. Rae, I love your notebook/dream board combo!I love making collages to inspire me, and blogging helps too for setting goals and having some accountability :) Hope you are having a great weekend!