Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Were you good this year?

Have you been a good good boy/girl this year?  Well, don't ask me.....ask Santa! Yesterday, the hubster got a video from.....SANTA himself!  Woah.
Don't believe me?  Check it out for yourself!  I found this on Meghann's blog yesterday, and then proceeded to waste an hour of my life sending out videos ahem, I mean, talking to Santa about the good little boys and girls that surround me.  Wanna make someone laugh?  (yourself included) Go for it!  Santa told Greg that he was such a good boy for farting less and that his wife appreciated it.....bahahahaha.  A plus rating from my house :-)
Santa also let's you know if you'll get what you asked for (you can keep it a surprise if you don't want it ruined....of course, a good PR is always a solid gift :-D)  Give it a try!

Better let the guy in the red suit know what you want, cause you never know what you might get otherwise....
Have a great night!  More cookies tomorrow...next up- Red Velvet and Almond Crescents....YUM!

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