Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas Carol(yn)

Tis the season for....movies.  On loving, (or not) loving the people around us.  And what better example than the popular Christmas movie, " A Christmas Carol"?  I think everyone loves that movie....or at least knows it :-)  It talks about Scrooge and the spirit of giving, loving, and accepting.  Ebeneezer Scrooge.  Tight fisted, cold, un-caring, and dim.  The anti-people boss.  No one wants to work for him!
Well...I promised you yesterday we got the (fun) scroogies out. Today, I want to talk about an anti-scrooge...
We had our holiday Christmas party today.  Now, I work for a non profit, so it is a far cry from the last party we went to, but as parties go in a place that employs over 400 people, it's pretty darn good.  A full hot breakfast buffet at the swanky Hyatt, appearances by Santa Claus with a token of thanks for employees, and good camaraderie with folks you don't get to see often (we have several satellite offices).  Well, this year, we had all that, plus more. 
Our CEO, Carolyn, who has served CFC for 37 years, is retiring at the end of the year.  So we had an old fashioned tribute, complete with a roast, gifts (from Santa and his elves), a sing a long with songs adapted to CFC, and personal tributes from key staff.  It was fun, funny, touching, and amazing.  As our CFO eloquently pointed out....this woman has been serving out company since 1974, when over 1/3 of our staff (including me!) wasn't even born yet.  Wow.  Food for thought.  She is one amazing lady, whose shoes will not be easy to fill.  It's something we often overlook, isn't it?  The value of a good boss.  This CEO knew your name.  Out of over 400 employees.  She sent each employee a personalized birthday card (hand signed) every year!  She asked about your day.  When I finished the Ironman, she sent me a personal note congratulating me on my achievement.  She knew our programs.  She knew our passion.  And, as her tribute stated...she was FABULOUS.  Who knows where our company goes from here, but CFC in the time of Carolyn was a great place to be.  And I am so proud to be an employee here.  To Carolyn.  And to amazing bosses everywhere.  We might not know it or appreciate it, but a boss that stands behind you and beside you is priceless.  And I am so lucky to have that from my direct boss, his boss, and all the way to the top.  Cheers.  (And in case you were wondering, no, they don't read the blog.  I'm not that big of a kiss...ahem.  But it's worth noting regardless.)
                  (CFC Leadership singing Carolyn Christmas songs!)
Do you have an amazing boss?  Ever tell them how you appreciate them?  You should!

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