Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 12 Pains of Christmas

12 days till Christmas!  And you know what that means?  No, not shopping.  I'm (99%) done with that.  No, not cookie time.  I'm waiting till next week.  Otherwise they would all get eated up :-D.  Nope, it's time for the 12 days pains of Christmas!  Yup, you heard me right.  We'll have 11 days to talk about how wonderful Christmas is, let's talk about why it's a pain in the tooshee just for today, mmm kay?
Best song, EVER.  Listen.  Laugh.  Can you relate to any of these guys?  My favorite, hands down, is the lights guy.  I remember when I was a kid, Mama TFB, bless her, was my "light guy".  She did a bang up job with the tree every year, but swore it was out on a vendetta against her.  Not so much with the lights per say....with her, it was the Christmas tree stand.  Every year, it got smaller.  And the tree got bigger.  And her Italian curse words more colorful.  To the point where one year, she lugged the tree in the backyard, dropped it on the deck, and drove off, abandoning the tree in a flurry of swearing and hand gestures.  Yikes.
Talk about a pain of Christmas.  Thankfully, one we can laugh at 15 years later :-)
Me?  My pain of Christmas is....baking.  Or, more accurately, a double edged sword pain.  Love doing it, love the results, hate the fact that I have no willpower.  You see, I come from a hearty Italian background where we make about 60 dozen cookies a year (no, I am not exaggerating.  We counted one year).  Italian pepper cookies.  Pizzelles.  Thumbprints.  crescents.  Kiss cookies. Cut outs.  Fudge. Yowza.  And everyone knows you have to taste them to make sure they come out ok.  Then have a few dozen during Christmas.  Or something like that.  How do I tame the inner cookie monster? :-)  Well, I have no clue.  But at least you know I'll have some good recipes coming your way soon!
What about you?  Any pains of Christmas?  Do you bake?  Or are the pains just stomach pains like mine after eating all the goods? :-)

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  1. I feel your pain! Thankfully I don't make that many cookies but enough to get those stupid, no will power stomach pains. Thanks for sharing Rae :)

    Kim H