Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Superlatives

Wow, just a week left.....well, okay, 9 days, but only a week of NORMAL days left until Christmas Eve....which is when it all begins! Yay!  This weekend will be filled with baking, wrapping, and general Christmas "ing".  Which got me to thinking.....what is the creme de la creme of Christmas?  (pun intended).  So I thought of some significant Christmas "categories" and weighed in.  Here goes.....

The BEST of Christmas (according to me)

Christmas Movie-Animated
How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Boris Karloff has been my idol since I was 9.  Yes, I can recite all the words verbatim.  And yes, the hubster still hasn't divorced me.  (Yet)

Christmas Movie-Claymation
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I'b CUUUDE! And "Let's be independent TOGETHER!"  You can't mess with that.  Even bumbles agree.

Christmas Movie with "real" people
It's a Wonderful Life.  Yeah, Capra got me on that one. So many good ones out there, but the story can't be beat.
Close runner up- White Christmas.  Love the dancing.  love.

Best Christmas Song-old School
"O Holy Night".  Something about it just gives me shivers.  beautiful

Best "New" Christmas Song
"The 12 Pains of Christmas."  Hilarious

Best Ethnic Christmas Song
"Dominic the Donkey".  Yup.  Showin' my Italian Roots.   Always made me giggle.  He-haw.

Best Christmas Cookie
So rough.  But have to go with the Thumbprint cookie.  So simple, so yum.  Fudge is a close second :-P

Best Christmas Tradition-Pre Christmas
Um, HELLO! The tree!  When I was a kid, I would have had to say the 24 days of Christmas (little gifts each day in December).  Yup, I'm a spoiled $hit.  But I gave that up when I was 16.  The presents part.

Best Christmas Tradition
Christmas Eve Dinner with my Polish Family.  And making pierogies with my cousin before.  And Midnight mass with UncleAlan.  And Christmas morning presents.  And pasta sauce.  Oh wait, I'm supposed to pick one.  Not possible.

Best Christmas Gift
The stockings!  Weird, but I love opening little fun things.  Of course, this year our new toy is pretty darn cool, too.  Speaking of which....
 67 miles into the 100 mile treadmill challenge.  14 days left.  We got this!

What are your Christmas favorites?  Did I miss anything?

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  1. Christmas Stockings were the best, you never knew what might just be in the toe of the stocking.