Friday, December 2, 2011

Monthly Miles and goals

Yay, it's December!  I'm a day late.  So what.  I was so stupid excited yesterday with my new Christmas gift that I forgot about my new plan....monthly goals (ok, fine, I am way behind on the times.  I can handle that.)
It's officially Christmas month!  Yay!  Time to play!  Time to gather with family and friends!  Time to eat!  Time to ....wait.  We need to think about this.
I told you the Glasers had some ideas up their sleeve regarding moving more and eating a bit better through the month of December, right?  Well, we've kept it pretty vague, but since the hubster has lost 10 pounds and I've found them....I figure he's on a roll and I need to get my butt in gear so I don't have a perma roll!!  Capiece?  Ok, good-let's rock it!
Lest I forget, I am still working on that push up challenge.  I've slacked off for the last few days, but I am holding strong at 27.  50 seems more reasonable to ring in the new year, but I'm optimistic.  Dream big or go home, right?  (more on that one later).
Here comes the plan for December:
* 100 miles on the 'mill.  It's a new toy.  It's in front of a 55" flat screen TV in the boy room (yeah, that's another toy....boys.)  I'm optimistic.  Look for weekly updates on our progress!
* 7 servings of fruits/veggies a day.  This is inspired by Run to the Finish....I'm part of the Holiday Bootie Buster challenge for December and I can rock out activity points like no one's business, but I've been friends with (unhealthy) carbs way too much lately.  Goodbye goldfish crackers, hello sweet taters!  7 a day = 49 a week.  Weekly updates abound.
* Enjoy December 9 (hubster's work party) December 24, December 25 and December 31.  The rest of December = healthy.
*Kitchen curfew is back in effect!  I'm closing it at 9:30.  All food is on lock down after that.  (Yup night eating kills me).

I know this will help me in the long we're gonna go for it.  Check back on Friday's for my weekly "How'd we Do".  (Yup, I'm takin the hubster with me on this one.  Marital benefits and all that, ya know).
Now I have my WHAT (being a bit healthier in December)
And my WHY ( I really like my skinny jeans, and I want to feel healthy)
So.....I need my HOW.
Well, that's tomorrow.  I have something up my sleeve of course :-)
Tonight, though, I have a (virtual) date with this guy.

And this guy.

You know you're jealous.
100 miles....time to get crackin!

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