Friday, December 30, 2011

2012...ready or not, here it comes!

Wow, is there really only one day left in 2011?  It seems that the year has flown by!  The good, the bad, the ugly....2011 was a pretty epic year, but to level with you....I'm ready for 2012.  There's something cathartic about a new year that I embrace....even though its likely that my "resolutions" will fizzle out before January is over, it's fun to make them and see what happens!  (and also realize that now they are on the Internets, thus I am more accountable....muahaha)
Without further Ado....2012....Bring it on!

2012 Rezzies

Mind:  Learn how to destress-make yoga a 2x a week priority, journaling before bed so that I can get a decent night's sleep and "put my worries away:.

Body:  This one has two parts.  
Staying active - I look forward to exploring new frontiers (trail racing!) and planning a run centered season for 2012 (giving tri's a break this year!)
Eating-my huge one.  I'm pretty fit, but have some bad habits when it comes to my sweet tooth.  I'm going to try intuitive eating, which I think might help with my mindless snacking habit.  This one's a biggie, and I know that I need some sort of plan with steps rather than a broad goal.  This is my January focus.

Soul- Trying to find balance here.  Spending more time with friends (Ironman will kill your social life), re-connecting with some long lost family members, and then two the biggies close to home:  Spending more QT with the hubster (weekly date nights) and also more QT with myself.  Sound weird?  It's not.  I'm a major introvert, so time with me is super important for my sanity.  I assume yoga will go hand in hand with this!

And of course, I have some numeric/black and white goals (for fun!)

1.  Run 4 half marathons, preferably one trail.
2.  Fit back into my skinny jeans (i gained 5 pounds this year)
3.  Beat my 5k PR (22:45)
4.  Read the Hunger Games trilogy
5.  Learn conversational Spanish (equivalent of 101!)
6.  Plant a veggie garden

I'm sure there are more, but I think that's a good start!  Oh...speaking of goals, the hubster and i DID finish our 100 mile treadmill goal a few days ago- 46 miles for me, 54 for him.  I'm sure there's a new goal coming up next month!

What are your resolutions or goals for 2012?


  1. Love the goals Rae! I look forward to hearing all about your running adventures!

  2. The goal /resolution- 26.2 miles- I have been in marathon retirement for a few years but have decided to make a go for the distance once again. I would like to run the Boston Marathon again - third time will be a charm. I must be crazy but really want to prove that I can make a marathon comeback at 46 years old! Good luck with all of your 2012 goals!