Thursday, December 8, 2011

Zen and the Art of Treadmills

Otherwise entitled "How I learned stop worrying and love the bomb treadmill". Too excited to wait until tomorrow for this post, folks.  We've had the treadmill for 6 days now...and I think I have found a new love interest.  Kidding.  Kinda.  But after five days of use (we got her set up late Thursday night) and 35 miles (collectively between the hubster and I) we are over a third of the way through our 100 mile challenge and have found some of the cool features of our new treadmill.  So why am I a convert?  I've figured out how to diversify my workouts rather than 30 minutes of hampster running by.....

* Using the elevation and speed settings-making changes every minute between speeds and hill training.  Makes 3 miles go by so fast!
* Using the "map" feature to plot out different actual running courses.  Grated, this is a feature not all treadmills have, but it makes me love ours.  The hubster has plotted out IM Kona and Placid marathons, the Philly Marathon, and a few local tri run courses. I ran the first 3 miles of Lake Placid this week and saw the same scenery on the screen that I did while completing my first Ironman.  Shivers. 
* Combining strength training with the 'mill.  I did my hour of strength last night.  Warm up - 10 minute easy jog.  Hop off the mill.  10 minutes Upper body.  Hop back on.  10 minutes @ a 7% incline.  Hop off.  10 minutes Lower body.  Hop back on.  10 minutes alternating easy jog (6 mph) and 5k pace (8 mph) for one minute each (times 5).  Hop off.  10 minutes abs.  60 minutes, all muscle groups worked, bam.
*Becoming a DVR fool.  Before the treadmill, I had 71% of my DVR free.  Now, I have 38%.  Wowzer.  The hubster just shakes his head as I boot up "Bewitched" or "Fraggle Rock" (Yes I DVR'ed both....I know, I have problems) and walk for 30 minutes, twitching my nose along with Samantha.  Hey, I just got 2 miles in.  I have no shame.
Not too shabby!  Although some of these might be obvious, it really has gotten me more into the treadmill.  Which can only help when spring training starts. Still questing for that sub 4 marathon!
Now....since I am having a lil somethin' somethin' with my new 'mill, I think he needs a name.  Any suggestions?

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