Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011- A Numerical Perspective

Well, now that we've gone through that whole Christmas Roadshow, eaten our weight in cookies (oh, that was just me?  My bad.) and had our fill of presents, heavy dinners, and Aunt Edna's tsk tsk'ing, it's time to move along to the last steps of 2011-New Year's Rockin' Eve!  What's on your agenda, anything exciting?
The Hubster and I are going out, for once :-)  We usually host the party if there is one, but this year we're headed out to Buffalo for Tuxs and Pucks- a Sabres game where the guys dress up in Tuxes and the girls in cocktail dresses.  Sweet! It seems the perfect balance-violent hockey paired with elegant evening wear, no?  All I can say is that whoever thought of this one is a marketing genius-makes both the guys and girls happy :-)
Moving on....
Well, as NYE approaches, it's time to look back at 2011 before framing 2012.  Let's start with the easy stuff....numbers!

2011 by the Numbers

1.  Running Races - 2 half marathons, 1 full marathon, 1 ten miler, 1 5 miler, 1 4.4 miler
2.  Triathlons:  1 Sprint, 1 Olympic, 1 Half Ironman, 1 Full Ironman
3.  Duathlons:  1 Formula 1 Du (my birthday!)

Number of PRs: 4.  Super proud of PRing massively in both the Ironman and Marathon.  Need to work on the HIM distance....I love it immensely, but right now it does not love me back.  Hey, life would get boring if there weren't ways to improve :-)

Y'all know I race to in, I love training.  Tons.  I do enjoy racing, but it's not a carrot to keep me active.  Working out is a stress reliever for me.  Now, if only chocolate and peanut butter weren't the same things.... AHEM.  Miles.
Miles Swum: 253 (and some change, but we'll round down)
Miles Biked:  4500 (as of today....might throw a few more in :-))
Miles Run:  1026 (wowza)
Treadmill Miles:  46 (walked)

All in all, aside from cross training (yoga, kickboxing strength), I traveled  5825 miles this year with my own engine power.  In terms of relativity....that's further than the distance between Rochester. NY and Cairo, Egypt (5610 miles).  Yikes.  Or, for US purposes.....the distance to Florida and back.  3 times. It's also nearly as far as I've driven my car this year (6400 miles).
Wow.  I need to get a life.  Wonder what I can do next year?

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  1. I love your blog :) Just wanted to say congrats to you -- that is MAJOR mileage and a great accomplishment for 2011!