Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quarter Life Wisdom

Ahhh Friday.  Always a welcome day in my life :-)  What a full week!!  I've found that by Friday I am either amped up for the weekend, exhausted from life, or in such a zen state because it is a low key workout kinda day that I probably should be tested for drugs channeling my inner buddha. 

Well, friends, today you get the latter.  I read this article on one of my favorite food bloggers, and was inspired to pass along my own quarter life wisdom (ok, quarter life plus 3 if we're getting all technical :-) )

28 Things I've learned  in my 28 years.....

1. Breakfast really is the meal of champions.

2.  The world tends to make more sense after a long, satisfying workout.
3.  Sometimes it's better to agree to disagree, rather than to force the issue.

4.  It's super important to have people you can rely on.

5.  Laughter really is the best medicine.  Especially if you can laugh at yourself.

6.  Naps are really the greatest thing ever, whether you are 3 or 30 or 90. 

7.  Everyone has some kind of wisdom to offer you.  You just have to look for it.

8.  Take the scenic route whenever possible. 

9.  Trust your gut instinct 99% of the time, but if it involves your job, your heart, your career or more than your weekly paycheck, give yourself 24 hours to think it over.

10.  It's not a "good deal" if you won't use it, can't afford it, won't eat it, or if you have 14 other ones just like it at home.

12.  Remember not only where you're going, but where you came from. Family is forever.

13.  Greek yogurt before a run is a very, very bad idea. 

14.  Books are magical things...they can take you away from reality, pass the time on a snowy night, increase your vocabulary, and keep your mind sharp.  Read often.  And on a variety of topics.

15.   Obstacles encountered en route often make success that much sweeter. 

16.  You can quit and no one will care...but you will always know.  (Actually, John Collins said this...but I live by it.)

17.  You usually regret more what you decide not to do, rather than what you go out on a limb for.

18.  Embrace Nature. 

19.  There is no such thing in a relationship as the "right person, wrong timing".  If it's not the right timing, it's not the right person.

20.  Never forget your past....but make sure you live in the present. 

21.  If you want unconditional acceptance, get a dog.  If you want to be put in your place, get a cat.  Either way, they are both bundles of love that are essential for really bad days when humans don't "get" you.

22.  Be careful if you drink the koolaid....or skol vodka. Or any kind of liquor that tastes like rubbing alcohol and costs 6 bucks for a gallon jug.

23.  Never stop playing games.  It makes you old. 

24.  Embrace your inner child.  It makes life more fun.  An much more worth living.

25.  Never take what you have in your life for granted.  Nothing is forever. You ARE lucky. 

26.  Always eat your fruits and vegetables.  Taste the rainbow :-)

27.  Make sure you take care of yourself-it makes you a better person to be around. Even if you think you're being selfless by not putting yourself first, in the long run it will only take away what you are able to give to others.

28.  Always Enjoy the ride!



  1. Rae.. I LOVE THIS!!!! You say the things I wish I could say but can't articulate them without sounding bitchy!

  2. Nice stuff, Rae! #19 - among others - is so well put.

  3. Rae,
    You share some very good ideas here. I will be borrowing and incorporating into my life some that I have not thought about before! Thanks for offering some of your personal wisdom.

    Especially liked.... 2,5,8,16*,17,20,24,25,28.... ok so damn near all of em... :) just had to separate a few out.

    Still no 70 degrees your way yet??

  4. 15. Great pick on the west coast, 18. Oh and I didn't know you were a tree hugger :-)

  5. Sorry, meant pic, old age issue.