Friday, May 27, 2011

The Rachael Rae Show!

It's FINALLY the long weekend!  Wooohooo!!  What's on tap for everyone out there?  Although I am not as fortunate as Kim and Alexa to be in the best place on earth (3 weeks!  3 weeks!), I do have a few fun things on tap....

First and foremost, my BFF Rachael is getting married in a few months and is crazy awesome enough to ask me to be her maid matron of honor.  I am super amped and can't wait for her special day!  (And no, we did not end up getting these dresses.  Thankfully she has better taste :-P)
Anyways, tomorrow is her bridal shower, so tonight I get to do some cooking!!  There are gonna be about 30 people there, so I am gonna be making a heck of alot of food!  Stay tuned for my version of the Rachel Ray show....The Rachael (my BFF) Rae (me) show!!  ( i know, i know, the cheese factor gets worse and worse around here)

  On tap for my portion of the menu: 

* Cheesecake bites
* Cream cheese veggie pizza
* Rye Dip
* Fruit pizza (with a sugar cookie base!)
* Pretzel Jello Salad

I've got all the ingredients and am ready to take on these new recipes with abandon :-D  Hopefully I don't screw it up royally....but if I make a giant mess, I think I'll rationalize that since I am making the hubster's dinner in the process that he gets clean up duty.  bwahahaha.  Just kidding (I think!)

Sunday is long ride day, somewhere between 4-5 hours on tap.  And then depending on what time I get up in the morning, I will get a long run in...if not, that's early Monday.  Hubster and I have a date on Monday-hopefully it's gonna be nice out!!  All I know is that I am sorely hoping for the heat wave they predicted to come to 9 days I am jumping in Keuka lake and that sh*t is still cold as all get out!!  Yeeks! Am I crazy or what?  (Don't answer that)

What about you, friends? Any good plans this weekend?  Any good pool parties that I can crash? you would like to invite me to? :-D  I promise I shower!  (most of the time....)

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