Sunday, May 15, 2011

Put ‘em On!

Carpe diem, friends, is the phrase of the day!!!  Made myself a list and check that shiz off:

1.  Workin’ it out:  Cooper Test for the run, lower body strength and core:
Too bad it was a frickin’ MONSOON out there!!  Did the run, checked it off, screw you Rochester weather.  Brrr. 
5 miles =43:05 including 12 minutes Cooper you-know-what's out.  1.72 miles in 12 minutes….new record!  (I hate this test.)
Enjoy this simulation of the depressed me to take real pictures too much :-P

Back inside, we knocked off part two with a half hour of kickboxing, then 20 minutes each of lower body and core.  Gotta get my hips stronger to avoid this IT crap that plagues me….cause Hips Don’t Lie, baby.  (C’mon, you saw that one coming!)
House time:  bathrooms, check (a nice deep clean of all 3!). Mopping, check.  Cleaning all surfaces with bleach, check.  Laundry, check.  grocery shopping list, cutting coupons, organization: check.  Lunches prepped for tomorrow, dinner made=check. 
I’m on a roll, baby!
I did, admittedly, boycott gardening.  For some crazy reason, we reverted back to March today with 40 degree temps and blowing, windy rain.  I may be crazy, but I isn't stupid (most of the time).
Now, my motivation has run out and its time for some Sunday Night Fox, dinner, and getting some reeelaxation in.  I just looked at my calendar and realized I don’t have a free weekend until August!  YIKES!!
Time to unwind and get ready for the madness that starts tomorrow (intentionally vague, but there’s some wild things goin’ on in my neck of the woods….)
Tonight it’s sweats time.  Tomorrow….

Bring it, world!



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