Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cross purposes

Hello friends and happy hump day!!  It's been another type of crazy run around day here in the life of moi.  That's ok, it makes it interesting right? :-)  I am happy to report that project rainbow is off to a wonderful start...a great tuna salad with apples, celery and seasonings for dins with some glazed carrots on the side.  YUM!!  Right now I am sipping a mug of fat free hot cocoa (a lingering vice, yes) and snacking on some yogurt.  Be good to your body and (hopefully) it will be good to you!!

Since it's recovery week, I have very few structured workouts.  I did a relaxed swim today...met a new friend at the pool who is training for his first IM (Canada)...hey Joe! We had a nice draftfest workout, which was pretty cool as I am still learning how to use that to my benefit.

After a crazy and stressful afternoon at work, I decided to pull into my bag of fun workouts that don't really seem like working out to me....I love dancing, step, pilates, yoga favorite cross training for stress relief....Tae Bo (or any kind of kickboxing!)  This video is a relic left from college days, but still delivers a heart pumping 50 minute dose of cardio, abs and lower body work.  Plus, since you get to punch the crap out of  things, it seriously busts some stress. 
Still love SBR to death, but I also like to mix it up good during recovery week so I don't burn out, work some new muscles, and keep it fresh!

Aww yeah, Billy's the man!! 
Do you cross train? What's your favorite type of workout?

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