Monday, May 30, 2011

It’s gettin’ hot in here….

Welcome to Western New York, where it can be 50 one day and pushing 90 the next!  This weekend has been all over the place, and we welcomed the start of the official summer season with mid 80s and scorching humidity in my hometown.  Naturally, I had a 10-14 mile long run in the books.  Naturally, I also slept in and started prepping for said run about 12:30 Smile with tongue out  (Ok, that’s a half truth.  I woke up feeling like complete poop and took some legal drugs and moaned around before the hubster told me to HTFU nicely suggested that I stop whining and either can my run or get out the door. Since I ain’t scurred of 90% humidity, I mapped out a nice 4 mile loop, lubed up (with sunscreen, of course!) and off I went.

Highlight of the run:  I don’t look like this.  A bit of color, but that’s gonna happen while being outside for nearly 2 hours.

Lowlight:  I felt like death. This was truly an ironman HTFU style run-I ended up doing a little over 12 miles-slower than normal, but I’m cool with that.  It was friggin hot!

Best part of my day, hands down:  About mile four, I was contemplating quitting.  I had just finished my first loop and was soclose to home, that I figured well…maybe these are junk miles.  Maybe I’m too type A.  Maybe there ARE times to just say stuff it and cut this s^%$t short!
I had almost convinced myself when a little maroon Toyota corolla drove by slowly and inside I saw:  ok, ok, maybe it wasn’t REALLY Betty White, but a little 80 year old woman grinned at me and gave me a big ole thumbs up for being awesome crazy enough to be doing my long run in the mid day heat.  I gave her a goofy wave back and of course I started laughing at myself and the situation….kept me going for another 8 miles.  Thank you to the random senior citizen that made my day Open-mouthed smile
12 miles and change in the Ironman bank, baby!  And almost 2 hours in the mental prep HTFU bank, too Smile  (in case you were wondering, I would rather run when it’s cooler during the day and often try to, but since I plan to hit the Ironman run between 2pm and 3pm, it helps to do some runs in  the heat, as you never know what you’ll get on race day.)  I wore SPF 30 and carried a tube for reapplying and had a huge jug of water at my loop start, so I was good to go-just HOT and playing it smart by not letting my HR get too high during the run!)
So, that, sadly, was the main focus of my day Smile with tongue out  Hubster and I grocery shopped, did some race prep (Keuka in 6 days baby-that lake better be hella warm!) and did some household stuff.  Boring married kinda crap-but I love itSmile   

And since we save the best or last, I want to say a big thank you to all that we celebrate this day for.  You are amazing, and my hat is off to you for serving our wonderful country.
Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Hey now... I wasn't that mean about your run!!!