Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Funday!

What a wonderful day Smile  Today was the first weekend day in quite awhile where we had no “out of house” plans and it was just glorious Open-mouthed smile  While I love spending time with family and friends, I’m what they call an “introvert” (which, shockingly, has nothing to do with how outspoken you are Smile with tongue out)
People often laugh at me when I tell them that I’m an introvert, but it actually has nothing to do with shyness or social comfortability.  I thoroughly enjoy being around people (crowds even Smile) but introvert/extrovert is more of where you draw your energy.  Introverts tend to draw energy from within and being in a crowd drains them-they need to be by themselves to “recharge".

Extroverts, on the other hand, draw their energy from people and being around others. 
Even though I love a good party or night out, I recharge my batteries by being by myself, which if you know me, makes perfect sense as to why I adore long distance triathlon and marathon running.  There’s nothing better than spending hours doing something I love and contemplating life.  Luckily, the hubster is a lot like me in that respect, so it’s not unusual for us to be in the same house for hours and not see each other.  Of course, we do come together at mealtime and snuggle time Open-mouthed smile
Back to today.  after sleeping in until 9:30 (wooohoo!) it was pancake Sunday then off to our respective workouts.  I knocked it outta the park with a spectacular 70 mile ride/15 minute transition run brick.  My leggies are feeling so much better non the bike this year and I am hoping for an epic tri season!  Hard to believe that in one week we will be done with the first tri of 2011!!  (Lovin the warm weather for what I hope it is doing to transform Keuka lake Open-mouthed smile)
Post workout, the hubster and I enjoyed (separate) ice baths, a late late lunch, and some ‘80s cheese.   My opinion of this movie rose greatly when I realized that circa 1983 Young and the Restless was featured quite a bit-nothin’ like seeing the ‘stache 30 years ago still hamming it up Open-mouthed smile
After lunch, we got a few chores outta the way (mulching and flower planting, yo) and then hit Wally World for some Glaser date night staples, cause that’s where the cool kids in 315 land go on a Sunday night.  a 2 liter of soda (yes, SODA hubster, not pop….the debate continues) a dollar red box, and some popcorn and we are good to go for a wild night!  Hey, no one said we were party animals!
And while a 4 hour workout, gardening, and a low key date night might not be perfection to some, it is to me Smile  I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend, and if you are scurrred of bad dreams tonight, or just need something to smile about, I leave you with this:

I can't get enough of this clip Smile

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