Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Happy Hump Day!!  I heart Wednesdays, not only because the concept of "hump day" makes me giggle like a 10 year old and it also means that the week is half over, but Wednesdays are long ride days every few weeks during Ironman training!  Yippee!!! 

I realize that the concept of spending 3 hours in the saddle isn't gonna make everyone in the world jump for joy, but I adore it.  It allows me to get in some good distance training mid week, flex my hours at work (I worked 12 hours yesterday to flex out today) and enjoy a mid week break from a dreary office to get my ride on!  Plus, traffic is super light mid week where I live, so if I decide to ditch the trainer,  I can ride outside without too much hassle.  On the books today:  50-55 miles.  Sweet.

So, since I will be pedaling my little heart out this afternoon, I will leave you with a bit of Wednesday humor to brighten your day.

I give you the top four humorous searches that people have entered into google to return the result of  "Tri'ing for Balance" in the past week:

4.  "ABC's underwear":  apparently I talk about undies a bit too much.

3.  "baby moos":  Why anyone would call them calves is just beyond me.  Naming body parts after barnyard animals is much more fun.  Apparently, there are people in the world just like me.  Maybe thats a scary thought...

2.  "clip art runners eating 2":  As long as they aren't planning on eating Greek yogurt WHILE running, I suppose it's all good.

1. "national conference of bresilian bishops" : I don't even wanna know.  And yes, it was spelled that way. 

Have a great hump day, friends!  Get outside, it's gorgeous!!

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