Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain, Rain go away....or don't, see if I care!

That's exactly it.  Instead of pouting or complaining about it, I've decided to take the following action to safeguard my sanity this week in the Rochester weather:
1.  Chant "I am a bada$$, I am a Bada$$" whenever I run outside in the next 7 days.  Talk about how bada$$ I am for several hours after said run.  Sorry hubster.

2.  Redbox Harry Potter 7 and No strings Attached for my 4 hour ride this week.  Yup, me and the trainer are gonna be BFF's. 

3.  Dance in the rain and play in mud puddles.  If you can't beat 'Em, Join 'Em!

4.  Take out my wetsuit and go surfing in my neighbor's backyard.  ok, not really, but I've thought about it

5.  Brush up on my singing skills.  "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me....guess I'll go and eat some worms...."

6.  Raid the fridge my local library and read these bad boys: The Confession, The Long Run, and Sing You Home. 

7.  Make some yummy core friendly pumpkin chili.  Cause sooner or later, it WILL get too hot for soup in New York.  Even if it takes 'till July for that to happen :-D

8.  Yogaliciousness at Breathe.  I've got a groupon.  Mary Eggers is a rockstar.  Why am I not using this yet??

So there ya go.  7 days in a week, 8 ways to make it work (cause it's always good practice to include one extra for luck!).  No whining, b%$#ching, or complaining that the grass is greener somewhere else.  Who am I kidding?  It's greenest here cause the clouds are watering it!!  YAY!!!  Happy monday, folks, and remember Carpe Diem!  It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got :-D

Except for the worm song can hate me if that's stuck in your head now.  I understand. 

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  1. come and get HP 7 from me this week and save yourself some $$!