Thursday, May 26, 2011


The all knowing, all seing TRASH HEAP!  NYEAH!
Today, I'd like to talk about garbage.  Yup.  Good old fashioned trash.  You see, I think in life, there is such a thing as good trash and bad trash.  Bad trash is the stuff that really is superfluous and messes up your equilibrium:  we all deal with it, it sucks, and it really is toxic to our well being, especially if you get too much of it.
Good trash, on the other hand, are the little guilty pleasures in life that make our trip bearable-they might not be the "healthiest" per say, but they keep life fun, interesting, and worth living!!

Lately, I have had an influx of frustrating events in my life, and admittedly so, I have not been dealing with it super well.  I consider myself pretty resilient, but when the sh*t hits the fan, sometimes I do, too!

So what do I consider "bad trash"?

1.  Eating to calm emotions.  Chocolate and peanut butter have their place.  It's probably not meant to be the main staple of my diet in large quantities. An it's stress management only lasts about 30 seconds :-D

Good Trash Solution:  Filling my belly with yummy quality eats and having a bit of chocolate each day.  Not a bag, but a piece :-D
Yummy protein filled eats that are making my tummy happy lately....
Egg and Herb bake with fresh windowsill herbs....yumtastic!

Tuna with celery, fresh salsa and chopped dill...a party in my mouth :-D
2.  Bad Trash:  junk miles.  I am a super type A athlete almost to a fault.  I can over train very easily, I am super stubborn about getting my miles in, and hate to take a day off.  Sometimes this "dedication" is good.  But stressing out about every workout and slogging through a workout that is clearly a waste of effort (after my 5 minute test :-P) is not good for my body or my mind.
Good Trash Solution:  Give 90% of my workouts my all, and enjoy a slack-ass day every once in awhile.  Work out vicariously through watching a trashy summer TV show and dancing during the commercials....or during the show so your husband is impressed with the talent he married makes fun of you.
But what show could you possibly accomplish that with?

 Enter in the BEST trash TV show of the summer!!  For a former dancer, this show just pushes all the right buttons :-D  Modern, lyrical, rap, breakdance, contemporary, tap, even Tahitian! dancing-complete with crazy teenaged contestants and funny judges.  Score.

While I realize that I am not Martha Graham (or my buddy Robert, which, IMO, was the best friggin dancer last season and was totally robbed by getting third!)  I totally destress to this show and enjoy some good quality trash TV time in the process!  (I've even caught the hubster enjoying this show.  shhh....don't tell).

Speaking of which....the premier is tonight!  Fox at 8pm.  I can't wait!!  I've got my jazz shoes on and am ready to bust out with some well timed calypsos and hinges.  I'm sorry, hubster.

Are you a trash TV fan? Whats your good trash?

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