Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whatever does not kill me.....

...Makes me stronger, yes?  Why Thank you Neitzsche. 
Welcome to my own personal week of he-double hockey sticks, friends :-D  It seems that someone up above has decided to dump stress on me professionally, personally and physically.  I just keep repeating my own mantra's.....

*   We don't get more than we can handle in life.

*  This life is only a test.  If it were a real life, you would have received further instructions. 

*  If it were easy, it wouldn't be worth it.

Yes?  Well, it's helping somewhat :-)  In order to escape from work, I did a swim workout during lunch-a nice 2000 yard swim with speed bursts thrown in to get my boo-tay ready for Musselman!  I was on tap to do 600 repeats, but I have had some weird niggles behind my right knee, so I will put it off another day.  WebMD says my popliteus has issues.  The Mayo Clinic says I need an MRI.  SUNY Geneseo says I probably just need cough medicine and a pregnancy test.

Thanks Geneseo.  I think I'll stretch, ice, wait another day to run and force a giggle cause "popliteus" is a funny word.  That, and it's better than crying.  Onto the bike tonight for an extension of the "lets prevent a run injury protocol".  Yes? I'm tryin', kids :-D

On a side note, tomorrow my mom goes to the hospital to have surgery.  She tore her rotator cuff awhile back and now they're going in to repair seems pretty routine, but its still a 3 hour surgery, so Ill be playing chauffeur and support team tomorrow and spending my day at the hospital.  Let's think good thoughts for her, no?  I'm not a big fan of hospitals and sicky stuff, it makes me nervous.  I'm gonna be a Neurotic great mom someday, lol.

Oh well.  Onto the end of the week...only a few days left then I hopefully can see the light :-P  Funny how I can deal with 100 milers on the bike and 3 hour runs, but this other stuff unhinges me, huh?  I'm a weirdo :-P

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  1. Not a weirdo! Normal! It's way easier to get through a hard workout than figure out all this other stuff life throws at us. Hang in there, girl.