Friday, May 20, 2011

The Magic Number

Ohhhhh 3!  It's a magic number!  Yeah it is...

This song was my only sanity today :-D
If bad news comes in 3's, I'm all set.  After some work bad news, and my mom's surgery, I hit three with a mortgage PMI setback today.  I'll save the expletives for the family friendliness of this blog, but suffice to say, ALOT of colorful four letter words were uttered.  On the phone to our lender.  And my boss.  And my mother.

Good thing my boss rocks my face off.  And so does my mom.  As for said lender, he can just go you-know-what.

Now it's time to be thankful for 3's as well:

1.  Mom's doing well after her surgery.  She's in some pain and needs a caretaker (that's my job this weekend :-p)  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!!

2.  My boss dealt with my VERY colorful choices of expression well today and did not can me.  He's a good man, even if he supervises me from 250 miles away.

3.  I rocked the world out of my swim today:  3250 yards with 750 pull (I accidentally added the third 250, lol) and descending 100's x10.  I was pissed.  It helped.  1:00:05 and I am not a strong swimmer.  Boo.  Ya. 

3.5.  At least Natalie dee makes me smile :-D

And now, friends, 'tis Friday.  This weekend looks to be jam packed, but hopefully I'll get some me-time, win the lotto so I can sip margaritas on Monday morning, and be able to pull off my 4 hour bike in the process.  Such fun.

Oh wait, I forgot.  The world is ending tomorrow at 6pm.  We'll just settle for that bike ride before rapture happens.

Or maybe I'll stick with the other magic 3......3.14

Off to find some feel good eats...pi(e).

I think I earned it after this week :-D

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