Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Men at Work

Hey there and welcome to Wednesday Open-mouthed smile  It’s been a full day here in my world, but let’s start with the most important part of today…the men at work at my hiz-ouse!
No, not those guys…..the cable guys!  (alright, he was better than Jim Carey Smile with tongue out)  Mr. Brad from Time Warner hooked us up good tonight and we’re back to cable and internet-yay!!  I won’t fully disclose what happened to our line to protect the not-so innocent…but in Clue fashion, I think it might have been Mister Blue in the front yard with a metal instrument….I joke, I joke! (Just messing, Vinnie Open-mouthed smile)

So other than that bit of good news (I get to blog again!  I’m sorry….YAY!!!), I spent a solid few hours after work in another land down under Smile  my basement.  Fittingly, I rode 45 miles of the Ironman New Zealand course, which is 13 miles of one ridiculous hill and then 30 miles of flat to get the speed back up.
Not steep, just loooong-good keuka prep!  I averaged about 19 for the ride, which isn’t too darn bad after a full day of work
Of course, I think it was because I had madness to keep me company, and, in fitting with the theme of the day, this hot Aussie (or his evil twin....but who can keep track??)… Open-mouthed smile
Daniel Goddard CBS Young Restless 38th Anniversary Eb3NKwxnkwPl Source

  Oh baby.  Work it, man, work it Winking smile

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