Thursday, May 12, 2011

Winner winner

Chicken Dinner!!  While not all blog entries post titles can be number one, this dinner certainly makes up for my lack of creativity in the YUM factor!!  After another honkin' busy day and a double header for tri-training (swim with cooper test plus a relaxed mile after the test-I set a new PR for myself, yay!!) and a super intense strength and core session after work that kicked my patootie, I decided I needed to refuel my body in a quality way-but a FAST quality way :-D 

 Enter in the athletes best friends for time crunched meals-my beloved George Forman Grill and steamable veggies!!  Me and lil George have been bff's (bmff's?) since Geneseo college days, when we formaned grilled cheese at 2 a.m. in the boy's dorm room down the hall in order to let the carbs soak up alcohol  from a beer pong frat party Saturday night spend quality time with our neighbors. 

And while my grillin' has evolved (sometimes:-D), it still works wonders for some quick protein!!  Chicken breast on the foreman, check.  Broccoli steamed, check.  Sweet tater wrapped in wet paper towel and nuked for 5 minutes, check. 
10 minutes later, chicken dinner GET IN MY BELLY!!!

 A drizzle of BBQ sauce and some cinnamon sprinkled on the taters....mmmmm....perfect!  Check out my corn ball W on the chicken....ahhh us strange folks that take pictures of food :-D 
Aside from being pretty and tasting great, this knocked off 5 servings of veggies (what, normal people don't eat the whole bag of broccoli?) and left me feeling sated and virtuous at the same time :-D

So what does one do for an encore after a dinner like that?  Foam rolling, a silly disney movie (hey, the hubster picked it!) and a YUMMY dessert:

yogurt, blackberries, and a sprinkle of granola on top...all in a pretty daisy dish :-D  Oh the sacrifices I make for the blog.  I suppose someones gotta do it :-P.  Double winner.
Nom nom nom......

Whats your go-to quick healthy meal?

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