Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tough Break

Oh, friends.  I had one of those days yesterday.
A take no prisoners....give me the M&Ms and Mel Gibson in a kilt....crying.... hiding from the world days.
I love you dearly.
But I couldn't even face blogging.  or facebook.  Or my phone, really.
So I hid.
Until I could grab some perspective.
I'm still working on it.  But I'm a bit better.
Here goes....
As I told you about over the weekend (and okay, the past month), my left foot has just not been cooperating lately.  It went from nettles to some side pain to forefoot pain....but even with backing off, it wasn't feelin' dandy.  After the Buffalo Half last weekend, I could barely walk...intense forefoot pain where I couldn't even put weight on the ball of my foot.  All week.  So, like a good girl, I called around (last Monday) and got a referral to a podiatrist who (*key*) was a runner/triathlete.   This will be important later.
I saw him yesterday.
I had a nasty hunch I knew what was wrong with me.
I was, unfortunately, right.
I have a metatarsal stress fracture.
And now, I'm rockin' this look:
The doc, god love him, did tell me a few things to make me feel better:
1.  This has nothing to do with sea urchin foot.  I did the right thing there.  They dissolve on their own.  Couldn't have changed that.
2.  I couldn't have done anything different to prevent it (well, except not run or do anything high impact, but hey, if you're reading this...you know me.  Moving along).
3.  Running the Buffalo Half wasn't smart, but with my symptoms (some pain but the actual ability to walk on it) he told me he would have done the same thing in my shoes.
Thank you, doctor.
He did tell me that he would have preferred I did a half tri as opposed to a half marathon (now you're speaking my language!), so of course, I asked the million dollar question....what about Musselman? He asked my history.  Was it my first?  No, I told him.  I've done 2 fulls and several halves.  I was kinda hoping this would shift toward the answer I wanted to hear....but not so much. He just didn't want to blow my dreams of 70.3 if it was my first in one fell swoop.
 He told me Musselman was slim to nil for the whole swim bike run....and even if I felt awesome I should start out with a shorter run and not re injure.  No half distances for 3 months, at least (which is probably my season).
Ugh.  So what else does this mean?
Let's get the bad news over with:
I can't run.  Obviously.  For at least 6 weeks, maybe more.  I have to rock a boot for the next week or two and stay totally off it.  He doesn't even want me to take the boot off.  Once I can walk and put weight on it, then we start talkin'.
Just as I was starting to lose my shit in the room (you bet I was crying), he gave me some hope.  I asked him (eyes welling up like a 6 year old) if I could do ANYTHING.  He smiled and said..."I would never expect you not to.  You're gonna heal well because you're active and healthy, as long as you don't put weight on the foot".
The following are okay:
swimming (yay!), biking (on the trainer for 2 weeks, but then outside is okay), weight lifting, rowing, pool running.
The elliptical is my litmus.  once I can get on that sucker for 15 minutes without ANY pain, I'm good to start walking around sans boot (I can't try this for a week though).  I go back in 4 weeks to chat some more with the doc.
And the really good news?  I can still do the aqua bike for Musselman if I want to (more on that one tomorrow).
That's the good news.  I can't expect to run for quite some time, and that's heartbreaking (might have to switch to the swim leg in the relay I am doing in July....but that can be a game day decision).  I'm hoping against hope I can do the Sodus Tri in August (the huz and I do it every year) but it's one step at a time.
Yesterday, I threw things.
Today, I am realizing that.....
At least I am not Ironman training.
Or marathon training.
Time to bring out speed racer in the pool!!
and I am lucky enough to be able to defer my Half entry to next year, or opt for the aqua bike (which the doc totally supports...you know you're at the right place when your doctor starts talking about the Shoreline Half Ironman (which was in existence 20 years ago!)....and getting chicked.  Thank you Dr. M!)
But...it still sucks.  I won't rainbow cover it.
In the meantime, baby steps.
But only with my right foot.  Doctor's orders.
Have you ever had a stress fracture?  Or foot troubles?  Any words of wisdom? (Besides staying the heck off it, elevating, and learning mad crutch skillz? ) Oh yeah.  Rockin' the crutches.
The best part of the day?  The hubster's reaction.  After the wife cosoling and tear drying he goes...."So, let me get this straight.  You had a stress fracture last weekend, right?". 
Uh-huh, I said.
"And....you friggin beat me in the half by almost 20 minutes?  YOU SUCK!"
I love you, baby.  Thanks for making me smile (even if we both know I'm a crazy girl).


  1. Oh nooo :-( I was afraid of this diagnosis. I was just thinking the other day that it sounded like a stress fracture. I had one a few years back and they are painful and heartbreaking. Good news is that one of my friends had one in several months back, rested up like the doctor ordered and ran (and completed in a great time, even in that heat!) the Boston Marathon this year so there's hope! I know it's hard because running is a therapeutic release, but stay positive because I'm sure you'll be back to yourself in no time! Keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery! :-)

    1. Thanks huun! Boston here I come (in a few years!)

  2. SUCKS.

    But aquabike is fun. When else can you hammer the bike in a race?

  3. rest and recover, you can do pool running and swim tons, and eventually get some great fitness on the bike. Your bricks can be swim/bikes. You are so young and have plenty of years ahead of you to run your heart out, let it heal and you will have no regrets. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and to a great Aquabike in your future.

    1. Thanks Donna. It sucks, but I am so thankful I dont have a cast and can swim and bike!

  4. 3 things: 1. HUGS to you! 2. All the cool kids (meaning me and 41 other people) are doing the aquabike. Yeehaw! 3. Your body knows how to heal; just trust it and create the conditions for healing. Hugs again!

    1. Clearly if you are in the aquiabike, it IS cool. Thank you :-)

  5. Hey that looks like my foot last July! Although i ftactured my 5th metatarsal bone and could walk with the shoe. I was 3 1/2 months before i could start running and it was tough going for months. I feel your pain about not being able to run but you have got to listen to your doctor and your body. You will get back to it just be patient and i will see you in the pool I'm sure.

    1. You and John will need to evict me from the pool, I plan on being there so much. Thanks Kim :-)

  6. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I hope you heal quickly!

  7. Hugs rae! I know I dont run (or bike, I do like to swim, just not in anything I cant see the bottom of, its a whole pultneyville thing, I will tell you sometime) I do know how much you love to do it. Just hang in there, it will heal and you will be able to all the crazy running to buffalo and back, in 3 feet of snow, in january, in the dark, like you normally like to do.

    1. Thanks cuz! cant wait to hear that story!!

  8. Rae,
    We have not met, but I have been in your, uh, shoes. My metatarsal fracture in the left foot required an up-to-the-knee cast. I could do nothing cardio for 6 weeks. I was able to do upper body weights and core work. I am happy that you can at least swim. When I finally got that foot operated on last October (for a bunion), once I was cleared I swam and swam. I know it's depressing and can make you angry (I remember crying a lot), but hang in there. The foot will be stronger than ever once it's healed.

    1. Thanks Molly! I am hoping so. In the meantime, I will be swimming like a fishy.