Thursday, June 7, 2012

Key Words

Hmmm...I'm gonna alienate myself here.  I kinda wish it were raining.  Did I really just say that?  I guess I did.  Ever have one of those days where you feel a little bit down and you look's gorgeous, and you just start thinking...I feel like cap and would just like a day to match my mood, please.No?  Well, you guys win.  It's beautiful out.  No raining on your parade.  Pun intended :-P
Lest I start whining like a little brat, rest assured, nothing's really wrong. Just one of those days where you feel like being outside livin' it up, not motoring around on one leg :-P
So, I really appreciated your thoughts on racing/not racing and think I know what I want to do...I'm just gonna give it the full 4 days to make sure I'm making the right choice.  As always, you guys rock.
Before I get on with the silliness, though, today's post has two parts.  I want to talk about words.  First seriously, then not so seriously.
Serious side: This whole foot thing has really made me think about the impact that words have on us.  As I told you on Tuesday...I hid on Monday.  Why?  Well, I was in a bad spot.  And feeling sorry for myself.  But, really, I was concerned that when I said something about what was going on, I would get some responses that would make me lose my stuff.
And I did.
But when I did, I was ready.  You guys were great...the responses I got on the blog were amazing, supportive, and from people that know exactly how I feel about running.  As were 95% of people overall.  But...there's always those few...."Oh, looks like no races for you" (Why thank you) or "I knew that was it.  You need to stop running because clearly it's hurting rather than helping" (Seriously?)  and other such similar things. makes me wonder.  Other than making me feel like complete shit, why do some people feel the need to pee on my cornflakes?  I got pissed.  And complained to the hubster.  And then, thought about it some more.  And...whatever.  I'm moving on.  People are more than entitled to their opinions, but if there's anything that I've learned from recent events...sometimes it's better to check what's coming out of your mouth before you say it.  Really, if it's not going to help someone get better or feel better, it's just not worth it.  Advice? I can handle that.  Especially if you've been through this.  I actually appreciate it!  Support?  Please.  I need it.  And I thank you for it!  But random judgement on my running, training and races?  No thank you.  I think some people missed the day of kindergarten where if you don't have something nice to know the drill.
So.  End rant.  What do I plan to do about it?  Check myself.  And start thinking about how I would feel when I say something to someone else...putting myself in their shoes (or boot, as you see fit).
Phew.  I feel better now.
How bout some funny key words?
As I was running my monthly stats to see my blog traffic for May (traffic is up, I must be doing something right!) I always like to run the analytics to see how people find me.  I give you...the most hilarious searches on google in the last 30 days that brought people to TFB:
1. Indecent tattoos- Really?  What's so bad about my M Dot? 
2.Craig Alexander find me-Ohhh honey, if he found you, let me know.  I would like some of that.  Please?
3. Marci bradys panties-Ummm.  Okay.  I don;t talk about the Brady Bunch.  Or underpants.  And I'm a little skeeved by this...but hey, whatever floats your boat.
4. Bitter bus- I guess someone's telling me to lighten the mood a bit :-P

And...that's a wrap.  I think I'm gonna go find myself a hammock to chill in.  Hey, at least it's not raining :-P
How do you deal with naysayers when you're hurt/injured/down in the dumps?  Do you rally back or just let it wash over you?


  1. So Crowie's gonna be at the aquabike I'm doing Sunday. Want me to get you a piece of that?

    1. Yes please!!' I cant wait to hear how it goes!

  2. You have to do what is best for you. There are always going to be those that want to bring you down but just let it go and do what it takes to get that foot better. Reality is setting in now and try to find the positives in all of this. More swimming and biking, maybe more time with family. Make the most of it! Things like this have a way of showing us to be thankful for an injury and the fact that you will recover. There are alot of people out there who have it worse. You can do this Rae. The first week is the hardest mentally and physically. See you at the pool or at the gym.

    1. Youre right. I am lucky! Thanks Kim :-)